What blank DVD disc should I buy for my NEC 3500AG and my NEC 2600AD-R

Just wondering what blank DVD disc should I buy for my NEC 3500AG and my NEC 2600AD-R and how do I prepare them to copy?

I would say for a first attempt, buy a cheapo disk, but after that buy some verbatim disks. You dont need to prepare them in any way, just make sure you have the software.

Just a tip, dont use that kind of title, as it puts people off for some reason. Just say your problem :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry haveacigar, I disagree re: cheapo discs…waste of time and $…not to mention trying to figure out what went wrong and the frustration when it plays like crap in a standalone. There is a ton of info at the nec forum here on cdfreaks. Nec will also provide their own recommendations.

Personally, I’d burn to a decent quality rw disc until you get the hang of things. Generally, Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden are held in the highest regard, that’s not to say that all others are crap though. Definitely, stay away from brand X and memorex.

Hope this helps.

Yeah, maineman has the right idea… im up late again tonight and not thinkinng straight. Buy a dvd-rw disk.

Don’t feel bad, one thing’s for damn sure…you’re not alone. I’m frequently “caffeine deficient”. However, my lovely and adoring wife has a different opinion…she says that I’m just freakin’ old… :bigsmile:

okay, so i’m really stupid and can’t even figure out how to start a new thread, but this one is sort of related. i have files that are too big to burn on a 4.7 DVD, so I bought some 8.5 Verbatim double layers, and my burner is a mad dog double layer etc. the box says it burns 8.5’s, now when I try burning, it stops at 52%, I tried twice. It’s not a 2 sided disk. Do you know anything I should be checking for. I use VSO DivXtoDVD to convert, and Nero 6 to burn. I have had absolutely no problems before with files that fit on the 4.7’s.

man 56,

what is the make of your burner? Also what media are you using? Is nero 6 capable of burning dual layer disks?

Maybe try using imgburn program?

What is a NEC 2600?? :rolleyes:

Actually with NEC you can pretty much get away with any quality of media, I have only had one brand not recognised and one burn fail on my NEC 2500 and that was my own fault. Believe me I have burnt some realy crap discs in mine includng Burn Star.

As this seems to be the case with NEC writers you will need to think more about longevity and economice. Good quality discs are more expensive but tend to last longer thus needing to be re-burnt less often. Whereas cheep discs tend to be poor quality and degrade faster thus needing to be re-burnt more often.

In this case would agree with have and disagree with maine. If you are practicing playing about with settings and software I would use cheep discs, even G05s as they are not to be kept for a long time and thus it is not expensive if you get things wrong. G05s give a good burn but fail quickly. When you have found software you are comfortable using and the best settings for it then go on to the more expensive media.

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