What best CDROM/DVDROM for reading copyprotected CDs?

It seems to me many people here are using the LiteON LTD163 or 165 (DVD-ROM drive) for reading copy protected CDs. Is this due to the fact that the LTD163/165 is able to read subchannel audio/data fast?

Has anyone tried using the Asus DVD-E616 (16x DVD-ROM drive) to read subchannel audio/data? Is it also fast (even if not as fast as the LiteOn)?

I’m planning to buy a DVDROM drive for general purpose use and also for dumping my original CDs, and the LiteOn LTD165 and Asus E616 are readily available locally. I’m leaning towards the Asus E616 if it’s able to read subchannel audio/data.

I use a Toshiba M1612 , reads everything so far (haven’t tested Cactus Data Shield protections).

another sdm1612 user here, cuts safedisk very easily and quickly.