What benq is currently overall the "best"

so i was looking to get a “top” burner.An overall great burner.I know i hear nothing but good things about benq.i want one that will do good reads and at fast speeds.I can get a 1650 or a 1655 are these drives pretty good and of the 2 which one would be the one to buy? i can get either for about 50 with nero bundled new.

Both are great drives. I just picked up a 1650 at the EGG for $27.99 + free shipping last week. I didn’t get the 1655 because i won’t use the Litescribe. Can’t go wrong with either one, IMO. :wink:

It’s the same base hardware, the 1655 just has the bit extra it takes to do LightScribe. If you don’t plan on using it, you can save a little money and but a 1650.

Are you willing to buy LS media - they do cost quite a bit more, and the media quality isnt the good stuff either.

I personally knew I wouldnt, so I got the 1650.

so i dont really need lightscribe the 1650 is the way to go.

is there any other brands of burners or different models that you guys would recommend over the 1650.

Well now that you asked me. :clap: I have the one lone BenQ 1650 and 5 - 160P6S LiteOn burners. :bigsmile: I think i have a problem :iagree:

I hate to say it, but you could also consider a Pioneer 111.

He asked for the best BenQ.

try 1640,if you can get hold of it, as yet no probs.

I love my BenQs, but I have to say that from a reading point of view my Samsung saved the day again… My original Encarta DVD is very scratched (thanks to my nephew who borrowed it). I tried to install yesterday and it crapped out on both the BenQs, and the LG. I left the Samsung (which I know is my best reader) as the last resort, I was curious to see if the other drives would read it, so I plugged in my good old LiteOn 1693. Still no good. Leds flashing, all the above drives tried for ages, the thing wouldn’t load. Poped it in the Samsung and not only it loaded straight away, I managed to install from it too! And this is not an isolated incident, the Samsung managed to rip quite a few discs that failed in all my other drives and were so old and scratched that I thought they were unsalvagable… For superb reading ability my SH-W162C is the best reader I’ve ever had, (and it burns faster than any of my other drives too). But I still love my BenQs you can’t beat the SolidBurn benefits of the Nexperia chip…

I was also thinking about the pioneer 111D, but is it true that you cannot bitset the single layer DVD+ discs unless you flash to a non-official firmware?

For what it’s worth, I have a DW1650 and 1655 and they both work fine and I have no complaints with them. Just wondering what I might be getting with the addition of a pioneer 111D that I’ve read good things about.

Yup. Two DVR-111D’s arrived today, so it’s off to the land of voided warranties for me.

I go for BenQ 1655.

I have a Philips 1648 (Benq 1640), a Benq 1650, and a Liteon 160P6s
My favorite are:
1st - Philips 1648
2nd - Liteon 160P6S.

My Benq 1650 performs very well, but its solidburn is not as good as my philips 1648.
The reason I really like my Liteon is because it is totally noise less!!

The BenQ DW1640 [B][I]if[/I][/B] you could find one is,
IMO the better drive. Maybe one of the best ever.
The 1650 \ 1655 have the potential to become
great drives if the firmware ever gets the attention
it deserves.

Funny. You have the same setup as I do :slight_smile:

Benq as main burner and Samsung as main reader. Why can’t the two companies get their techs together…

I wish I could find another 1640. Mine is shooting the tray out like it’s launching potatoes across the room. And sometimes it does nothing at all. :frowning:

If you’re looking for “overall” best burner, between 1640, 1650 and 1655, I would say it’s very very close between these three, but if we “test” them, compare their specs, features and performance, my guess the 1655. :slight_smile:

im not just partial to benq.i may try the pioneer since it seems to be a good reader.

111 with DB FW and all the new BQs are good to go man. Remember that the 111 must be a master and UMDA4 on some systems.