What BD-R media will give me best quality w- LiteOn iHBS112

I posted in the Lite-On forum, but unfortunately didn’t get any usable info.

My question to the blank media experts here is: What Blu-Ray single layer media will give me the best quality for archival? Verbatim? TDK? Sony? I ordered a LiteOn iHBS112 but heard that it’s not good with all media, so i have to be picky.

For starters i ordered the normal Verbatim 25GB 4x ones. 13 Euros for a 10pc spindle. Are they Made In Taiwan? Price seemed a bit low, so i’m a little nervous. Any ideas why they are so cheap? I’m 100% sure they are not LTH - on the package you can see M.A.B.L. (that’s the marketing name for the inorganic dye they use).

Thanks in advance,

The Verbatim’s should work ok. I don’t have your burner, but I do use the Verbatim inorganic disks in my LG drive. They seem to be the best combination of quality and price that we have at the present time. I believe they are manufactured by CMC Magnetics in Taiwan.

The Japanese made Panasonic 4x and Sony 6x BD-R disks should be very good quality but are too expensive for my tastes.

So CMC is good quality nowadays for BD-R? That’s reassuring.

I remember the 4x DVD+Rs from CMC, they burned really good, but the bonding was weak. Hope that these Verbatims are better in that regard.