What BD-R media are you purchasing / recommending in 2021?

I’ve been getting back into optical storage after a long hiatus. I burned a lot of CDs and DVDs back in my day, but I haven’t done much with BD, so I’ve been trying to play “catch up” to learn what media is good (e.g., good burn quality, longevity, etc.). However, I’m finding that it seems to be nearly impossible to purchase a lot of the media recommended in discussions even from just 4-5 years ago, and even harder to find media recommended in discussions from prior to that. Is it even possible to find real “Made in Japan” media anymore at all?

For example, Panasonic BD-R has always (from my understanding) been held in high regard. However, Panasonic BD-R (SL, DL, or any other kind) seems to be nearly impossible to find (at least in USA where I am) except for what looks like old stock that go for nearly $5/disc (for SL discs).

As another example, Sony BD-R was also quite well respected in the old discussions I’ve been reading through. It seems to have slightly better availability than the Panasonic – I can find a 50 disc cakebox for $125, but that’s still pretty darn expensive.

As for what I can find at reasonable prices (<= $1/disc for SL discs), it seems limited. Various retailers have Verbatim DataLifePlus 50 disc cakebox for a little under $50. Verbatim M-DISC SL BD-R are also not too fantastically expensive (around $2/disc), so that’s possibly an option for me as well. Then there are various “cheap” brands that I’m a bit wary of – PlexDisc is quite cheap, and I can also find discs under HP and Kodak names fairly cheap.

I’m assuming, though, that most discs sold under such names as HP, Kodak, or PlexDisc are likely to be not particularly good media. Is that generally the case? My first experiment with BD-R was some years back, and I bought cheap Optical Quantum media to experiment with. Those PHILIPR04 discs were awful – so that’s what I’ve kind of been expecting if I buy Kodak, HP, PlexDisc, etc.

What media are the BD-R fans buying in 2021? I’m anxious to hear suggestions given the prices I’m seeing and the options I can find to buy.

Oh, a few other notes: I’m not interested in fastest burning, fancy printable labels, or whatever – I just want media that will last years. If the discs are printable, plain, LightScribe, whatever – that part is no matter to me. As for burner, I have multiple burners I can use, so I’m not worried about finding media that works best for any specific burner. I’ve got a Pioneer 208, a couple of LG (can’t recall models right now – two are WH14NS40 IIRC, one SVC NS40 and one SVC NS50), etc. I’m not worried about the burner – just the discs. I also don’t care if the discs are SL, DL, etc. – anything is fair game.


Sony and Panasonic are either unavailable or not for reasonable prices anymore.

Single layer CMCMAGBA5 media e.g. Verbatim #43838 (50 pack), 43837 (25 pack), or Mediarange MR514 (25 pack),
VERBATIMe 43742 (10 pack),
double layer VERBATIMf in e.g. Mediarange MR508 (25 pack)

Depending on the writer it is not recommended to write these media faster than 6x. On some writers like the current Pioneer 212 series I recommend 4x max.



Thanks again! That information is very useful. You were also very helpful on my recent post about my rebadged BDR-208BK drive, and I very much appreciate it once again.

I’ve ordered some DataLifePlus discs that should be MID VERBATIMe, as that seemed to be the most cost effective way to get them. Last I’ve seen, those sold under DataLifePlus were all VERBATIM MID vs. various CMCMAG that is used for some of the non-DataLifePlus media. Hopefully I’m not in for a surprise where they turn out to be some other MID…

Single layer Verbatim discs with the MABL logo should be VERBATIMe.

Verbatim M-Disc, Inkjet Printable P/N 98917 or Verbatim M-Disc, Branded P/N 98909
Verbatim M-Disc on Amazon

Are the M-Discs significantly more reliable/durable than the DataLifePlus discs?

Also, what’s the best option for 50GB DL discs? It seems hard to find M-Disc ones.

Complete gamble these days. I’ve bought Primeon BD-R DL and Mediarange BD-R DL, 2x10 packs of each, bought from Amazon, at the same time. One pack of Mediarange was great, the other utter crap. Same MID. The Primeon had one very good pack, and the other poor, but working. Same MID.

The Mediarange discs apparently came from different batches, they had different inner ring stamps. The Primeons, I don’t know.

At the moment I need to buy DL as my good batches of Mediarange and Primeons are used up. The Mediarange DL are good for maybe 15GB, the Primeon for first layer, so I won’t throw them away but they are pretty useless for reliability I reckon. Which is very disappointing.

Mediarange printable batch 1 (I’ve had about 50 of these, 5x10)

Mediarange printable batch 2 - Not all are this bad, but some even fail to burn completely. I’ve had about 45 of these (10+10+25). This is a different batch, as the hub numbers are different (bigger I think, if I recall correctly)

Primeon printable 50GB pack 1 (I’ve had 10 of these). Not sure about the spikes, but in general these discs are good)

Primeon printable 50GB pack 2 (I’ve had 10 of these). They work, but not well. I can burn TV programs on them, they are a tad faster than BD-RE to burn but I treat them as expendables.

I have 3 different burners, and 2 scanners, this is consistent. Slow or fast burn doesn’t seem to do much difference. 1 batch good, great even, 1 batch bad or poor. I won’t waste more time testing these discs, but I have no clue what to buy next when it comes to DL.

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I’d love to be able to get decent 50GB (or even 100GB or 125GB) media for a decent price, but I’m not convinced it’s possible in 2021. I think it might still be possible to get decent 50GB media (Amazon has DataLifePlus BD-R DL – I assume those are probably decent discs?), but the prices are awful. Amazon wants over USD $85 for a 25 pack of DataLifePlus BD-R DL. It’s much cheaper to buy quality 25GB discs and use twice as many. Hell, it’s even still cheaper to buy quality 25GB discs and burn an extra copy as a spare too.

As for BDXL media, I’m not 100% convinced that what’s available right now isn’t just all old stock being resold at high prices. It looks like even the 1.5TB Optical Disc Archive cartridge, which contains 12 Sony 125GB BD-R discs that can be removed and used as standard BD-R discs, is discontinued.