What bad did in 2005 come to you?

Again, the title says it all. Tell us your stories!

girlfriend broke up with me in november :sad: after 7.5 years, this xmas has been different, joint house so will have too sort things out

so much that I’d rather forget the year. Of course, that would most correctly stated as the last 9. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not dead yet…

gf tests for presumed cancer

Members with a postcount from >50 posts a day… :frowning:

for those of you that know…my dad is fighting a losing battle…in which we all are just sitting and waiting…one day he is talking , crackin jokes and ordering us around and then the next hes not eating, sleeping all day , and lifeless…this has been one year I would like to wipe clear of my calander and memory…

GF broke up, my dad had a cerebral infarction, not a very good year.

Hopefully 2006 will be a lot better. :iagree:

This is a sobering up thread!

Lets hope 2006 will be different.

Everything was good here :slight_smile:

Bad? Well, if terminal loneliness is still considered bad, 2005 was a horrific year :slight_smile:

I expected a thread with laughs etc! I have to say I was sitting here thinking what bad came to me and well I started last year with Pneumonia and was sick for the first couple months but I had to look back at my life and realized that if I hadn’t quit partying several years ago when I did it very well could of been the end of me. I started treatment for Hep C this year and have a good chance of getting rid of this disease that I thought would eventually kill me so I am very grateful for that. To all the people that have posted and will be posting about family, friends, and possibly themselves going though hard times or illness, I truly hope this year brings much hope to you :flower:

  • Grandfather died
  • GF broke up, but hey i still love her :S
  • 0 free time especialy last 2 moths of 2005
  • and much more…

cuz next year can be only worst…

In 2005 came to me bad was an ending of a particular concert, a page in the chapters of a certain band and my departure from spending five days with my closest friends.

Memories mixed with sadness yet touched with joy. Wouldn’t trade them for anything. :slight_smile:

I can’t decide what was the worst thing in 2005. My mother’s sister’s husband (no idea what it is in English) killed himself in early 2005 but I barely knew him, perhaps talked to him just 2 or 3 times in my life. Had to sell my 800cc Matiz for US$6K in summer. A bad thing from a financial point of view but a good thing from an ecological point of view. SNU’s Hwang, the stem cell guy, resigned (still under investigation, a lot of rumors about Samsung group and who have stocks of which company…), but my daughter doesn’t care, my wife doesn’t care… Maybe nothing worth mentioning happened is the worst thing after all.

Mother’s sister’s husband should be your Uncle.

Hmmm lets see…
Another year without my Dad
My Granma fell and broke her hip
Still no job


A lot. I won’t bitch about it on here ;).

Well school ended in the beginning of June :slight_smile:
Worked most of the summer :frowning:
Most my friends work like crazy, have moved several hundred km’s :frowning:
Havent really done anything I remember since early Sep :frowning:

One really bad thing, i lost my right eye in a bad accident.
really sucked but i have learned to cope with it.