What authoring suite allows SELECTABLE subtitles for less than $200?

This may be quite elementary but I would like advice on choosing DVD Authoring software.

Features I’m looking for include traditional DVD menu style buttons instead of merely highlighting the entire image. Another useful feature would be audio that plays for a specific animated button, or even a video button that plays audio from said button.

Lastly and my MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE: I need selectable subtitles. One stream would be fine. I refuse to mux subtitles in permanently because I am a facist purist. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there ANY software that does all this and doesn’t cost $200 like DVDLab Pro? P.S. Nero Express blows for DVD-Creation. I need more power.

BitSetting in the software is also mandatory.

The Betas of DVDLab Pro are free, thats cheaper than $200. They last for 30 days but the next installation of the next Beta resets the timer again. I’ve been using it for 6months or more for free.

“BitSetting in the software is also mandatory.” This is done in the burners firmware or burning software, not the authoring tool.