What audio tracks to choose

MOSt DVds have 2 or 3 audio options usually a dolby 5:1, a 2 channel stereo & sometimes also a DTS 5:1. Usuallt the default is the dolby 5:1 track.
I’ve read up on the technologoes & I understand that there is no point preserving the DTS option if I don’t own & don’t plan to ever own a DTS system.

What I don’t understand is what happens when you play the original or the copy DVD in a standalone player that’s only using 2 channel audio out e.g. as part of the 5 fire component connection,
or play the DVd in a PC with only 2 speakers.
Does the DVD player or PC player software intelligently select the 2 channel option & ignore the 5:1 option ( I think not but can’t confirm that)
or does it somehow process the 5:1 down into 2:0 before outputing it
(since you can’t send dolby 5:1 down just 2 phono wires! ).
I’ve experimented switching audio tracks with both standalone & PC playback & on 2 speakers I can’t hear much difference between the 2 options

So my question is - is it better to remove the 5:1 audio when copying, or should I continue to leave it in place & let the players sort out what to do.

And, related to that, can DVDFab over-ride the default choice i.e. copy both 5:1 and 2.0 but make 2.0 the new default ?

check out this site for a good explanation of the different audio tracks.


i myself play my movies over a low priced surround sound system i picked up at wal-mart. so i always choose 5.1 to enjoy the surround sound. if you think you will only be playing the dvds on a two speaker system then the 2 channel audio do just fine. however if you ever do get a surround for your living room, your computer or go over to a friends house whom has a nice entertainment system then you will probably wish you had the 5.1.



2 speakers pick 2.0/AC3 or if more than 2 speakers pick 5.1, but don’t pick DTS unless your systems says it on the reciever or player.