What audio format is best for track copying?



In NeroMix, when you read a CD’s tracks into the playlist and then click on the REC button, it allows you to select what kind of audio files you want to create:
• Aiff
• mp3PRO
• Windows Media Audio
• TwinVQ
• PCM Wav file
• Nero Digital Audio (HE-AAC)
• PowerPack Lame MP3 Encoder

I have no idea what I’m doing; I’m a NeroMix virgin. Which format is best for accurate reproduction of the audio, with size no object?

BTW, there are other “AudioPlugins” listed in the registry:
• DefConvertor.dll
• mp3PP.dll
• msa.dll
• ogg.dll

I’d appreciate a tutorial on making a “mix CD”; the interface is obtuse, the buttons are too small, and the help file is minimal.

I have only a vague idea of how I’m going to combine tracks from several CDs, once I get past this “which format” roadblock.


I’ll give you a quick how-to on what to choose.
WAV files are the best but they are quite large when you encode them.For example,a 3 minute song will end up being 30 mb.
In of these other formats are OK.Most use .mp3 but the others are OK.I personally like .aac cause it doesn’t have a little skip inbetween songs when you burn them to cd(Especially handy when recording live albums,there will be a little hiccup inbetween tunes with other formats)Make sure either one you choose the “no pause between tracks” so there won’t be 2 second gap between the songs.
If you choose any of these other formats,encoding them at 160 to 192 will be fine when recording to cd.
Windows Media Audio
Nero Digital Audio (HE-AAC)
PowerPack Lame MP3 Encoder

a mix cd is as simple as encoding each song you want and then adding them to your compilation window.Mixing them up as it were.


I use .WAV and can pack about 18 to 20 songs to a CD-R. The audio quality should be identical to the source.


I had to restore my C: drive from a Ghost image after installing NeroMix and EAC. My internet connection stopped working correctly, and so did some shortcuts.

Which do you think is the culprit? NeroMix v1.4.0.29 (28 Feb 05) or Exact Audio Copy v0.95 prebeta 5 (8 Mar 04)?


Try one and see. You have the image file to fix the problem if it comes back.


Good advice in general, Furball (;)), but I won’t be reinstalling NeroMix 'cause I hate its interface.