What audio can I safely remove?

I’m seeing AC3 5.1-ch and AC3 2-ch audio files.

Do I need to keep both? Or can I just keep the 5.1 and remove the 1 or 2 instances of 2 channel audio files? Bear in mind I’m using a plain stereo TV so I’m assuming the DVD player will automatically bump 5.1 to 2 channel no worries…

you can remove it if you are always going to watch it in 5.1

Umm, no… You may keep a 5.1 track only and it will play fine on a two channel system.


If this is true MLS, then it would make sense to almost always remove all but the 5.1-ch AC3 audio in order to require less compression?

having both 5.1 and 2ch is fairly redundant (unless, of course, the 2ch is something different, like director’s commentary, etc).

I was just thinking maybe I can save 200 MB and bump the compression up from say 70% to 75%… (for example)