What are your vital statistics?

You know. What are your measurements?

How tall are you?
How heavy?
Chest size?
Waist size?
Hip size?
Even the size of your feet.

And hmmm, nope. We do not need to see pictures of your vital statistics. :disagree:

1.87mt tall
who knowz
32 inch
who knows
8 and half size shoe

oh and just because ive got a thin outside doesnt mean im lacking girth in outer dpts :wink: (not my brain lol)

Height: 5’5"
Weight: God knows, haven’t weighed myself in ages
Chest size: 38D
Waist size: No idea
Hip size: no idea
Shoe size: 5 - 6

As you can tell from the "no idea"s, I haven’t bought clothes for awhile LOL.

Height - 5’11"
Weight - 9 stone and 1 pound
Chest 34B
Waist 26"
Hips 34"
Shoe size 10 :o

:clap: can i get a photo of your feet?? :wink: j/k lol :bow:

Height: almost 6’2"
Weight: 169
Chest size: no clue
Waist: 32
Hip: ???
Shoe size: between 12 and 13…depends on the brand

6"1 ish.
Chest size: dunno … how do you measure it? Across the nipples? I think I’d be an A cup, if someone can lend me a box of tissues :stuck_out_tongue:
Waist: Dunno …
Hip: Dunno …
Shoe Size: 11 1/2

5’ 11"

How tall are you? [B]202 cm[/B]
How heavy? [B]115 Kg’s[/B]
Chest size?[B]???[/B]
Waist size?[B]???[/B]
Hip size??[B]??? (You know my hips don’t lie)[/B] :flower:
Even the size of your feet.[B]14[/B]

146 lbs
No idea
I dunno
10 US

Height: 6’ (= 1.83m)

Weight: (currently) 220 lbs. (= 100 kg)
Chest? I would have to get a tape…
Waist size? 36 (soon to be 34 again) :bigsmile:

I generally have to get the “next size” up on pants in most brands, because my calves and thighs are so big (especially my calves). So I’ve had some that probably would have fit me in the waist, but they never made it over my calves. Then sometimes if they cleared my calves, they would be too tight in the thighs, but comfy in the waist. LOL

Hip size? Would have to measure…
Shoe size: 10 1/2 to 11 (US), depending on shoe.


Whole bunch of stones - :iagree:
Lotsa cm’s - :wink:
Lotsa cm’s - :o
Lotsa cm’s - :eek:
Yup - Lotsa cm’s -eh!
Size 11 W

165 lbs
39R Suit Off The Rack
10 1/2

Big D from Djibouti, Dar Es Saleem, Dubuque and Duluth…

Yo D-

(And I don’t mean Demure)

New nick = [B][I][U]Slim D[/U][/I][/B] -eh!

I lied, my weight is really 168…Just verified and I even took off my shoes…
So how about…[B][I][U]Almost Slim D[/U][/I][/B]…eh?

[U][B]Almost Slim D[/B][/U] From Dhaka, Darwin, Dallas and Dublin…eh?

Yo Slim D-

(And I don’t mean Decaf)

I got ya by a few stone (whathehelleva a ‘stone’ is-eh!)

Have you heard of those funny little cigarettes…maybe it has something to do with how much you weigh after one of those…Just a guess though… :confused:

[B][U]Slim D[/U][/B] from Dallas, Denver, Detroit and Des Moines…and a quick trip to Maui

Yo Slim D-

(And I don’t mean Dementia)-

Google says that a ‘stone’ is 14 pounds (and to think of all the stones I got out of just one ounce- :bigsmile: )-

So - ya - got you by a few ‘stones’ and probably not as many of the other ‘stones’-eh!

[o/t] bigmike, “stone” is a unit of mass, in this case weight.

1 stone = 14 lbs.

Therefore when Dee said she weighed “9 stone and 1 lb.,” that = 127 lbs. :wink:

My shoe size: 45.

I just love how none of you peeps (except ze germans, le french and every other european except those (s)limey brits (and drunken danes?)) will understand what that is. Korean footsizes for standard! Millimeters rule!


I’m 3 arms tall.