What are your Load temps-AMD users?



AMD X2 4600

At the moment ive used Asus AI NOS oc utility at 10% using stock heat sink;
multiplier; 12x
htt: 220mhz

Been converting some movies to divx for my trip overseas to watch on the laptop for a few hours now.

Load temp is 52 degrees C


that sounds about right, my 3700 oc’d to 2664 did 49c loaded with the x2 copper heatsink

my fx-60 on the other hand is pissing me off :a 60c both cores loaded (not overclocked) and not stable with stock volts. I have another heat sink I can try, but I need to pull the mobo to install it


AMD Athlon 64 3500+ (Not Overclocked)

37C / 98F



The non o/c x2 4400+ currently 82f - 28c using the AMD heatsink/fan that came with the boxed version-eh!


AMD Athlon X2 4600 (2.88ghz @ 1.60v)
Thermaltake Sonic Tower
Link Depot 100cfm 120mm fan
According to CoreTemp
Core 0 = 58c
Core 1 = 54c


In PC2, Dual core 4400+ (stock cooling no overclock) under load 44c
Antec SOHO server case.