What are your "lead-in" times with the 40125s burner?

mine for some reason go for around 24 seconds…

Feurio 1.65, CD audio 79 min with 32123S,
write speed 32x, but leadin is written at 16x:

12 seconds:p

I’ve just tested 4 different CDRs in Feurio - TY, Benq, SKC & EMTEC
and it’s about 14-15 secs.

does anyone know why mine could be longer.
could be a software or hardware thing ??

i’ve seen my friend’s LG 24x do it in like 6 seconds…
or do lite-on’s just have slower lead-in times??

Also the lead-out out times on my drive is very quick like 1 second, so could that be why the lead-in takes longer than normal???

oh yeah
and i’m using Nero for burning, so could it be it?
since the guys from the posts above are using Feurio.

also my lead-in time dropped to 19seconds now. i think it might be the f/w upgrade to ZS0N

mine is around 15 secs and im using nero…

mine is ca. 7 sec :bigsmile:

well i think mine would take around 20sec…i think personally the lead ins vary cos of the processor or your harddisk even more likely the memory…just depends on your system :slight_smile:

How big is the lead-in? Why is it written at slower speed? Anybody some technical explanations? Btw: I don’t think your cpu/harddisk/memory has anything to do with the writing speed of the lead-in.

Mine is 24 seconds using Nero also and i am not going to loose any sleep over it.

Nero my lead in time is 22-24 sec with Nero 55914…very slow…

so does mine with nero and!