What are your innermost thoughts?



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Generally, if you’re a bloke, well, at least a blokey bloke, you’re probably wondering whether the underwear that you’re wearing that is creeping up your crotch will effect your future children. Perhaps you are pondering what you are gonna eat for lunch/dinner/breakfast. You’re probably wondering when you can get a opportunity to get your girlfriends clothes off & have a quick nookie.

For women, you’re probably pondering what everyone thinks about your new hairstyle & and whether that evil bitch for marketting is getting what she deserves from the new manager … and what your boyfriend thinks about your friends new boyfriend, and whether he also thinks he’s a bit of a snob, and whether your boyfriend/hubby REALLY wants to go on holiday overseas, or if he’s just saying it to make you happy, and whether he’s really asleep or just closing his eyes and pretending to snore so he doesn’t have to talk to you about his lack of committment, Ooh! I bet he is … he’s so gonna get it tomorrow morning. Damn it, I’m gonna kick him and wake him up now, but not really because he’s not really asleep but just pretending, and get him to explain to me why he doesn’t want to talk to me, the ungrateful bastard, after I cook and clean for him too!

Anyway! What are your innermost thoughts?


well my innermost thoughts are so inner that even i don’t know them


Beware the monsters of the ID.


I don’t know if its my inner most thoughts, or just something that keeps jumping out at me, but I tried to help someone in the video editing section. Now the latest post on that subforum says:

Strange and annoying…
by Kerry56

It fits somehow…


Hmm, thoughts. I think I had one of those once (but I got over it :bigsmile: ).


Sorry, you don’t quite fit the image in my shrink fantasy looking up from the couch, so my lips are sealed. :disagree:


Oh shite! I’ve lost my sharpy … and I’ve just started cleaning up my servers storage drives!

Edit Never mind /edit


“Oh no, not another dinner where I’ll have to eat fish heads again. I can’t think of anything else polite to say about how great fish heads taste… I mean, there’s only so many times I can eat this stuff and pretend that it’s all great. I wanna go home. I want a pizza, or a curry. I wish I was on a business trip to India instead. Awww, crap. they’ve just ordered some entraily thing in a bowl, and I’ve got to eat it. Looks like a turd. I can’t eat that. I wish I could just be in my hotel room drinking beer from the minibar and watching a movie. I have Lord of the Rings extended version in my room. Huummmm … Aagorn… hummmmmmm… I wanna got to my room (with Aragorn …hummmmmm)… Yeeewww… this entraily thing in a bowl tastes like, well, entrails. Nasty. Ok smile and be polite! F**k, dropped my chopsticks on the floor again. I need sleep. I need a day off work. I hate my job. Really, I do hate it right now. God, I want a pizza.”


How about a pizza and a …, oh, nevermind :doh: :o :eek: :rolleyes: (I think this qualifies as a cross-post then…Handy pick-up lines that really work or something…sorry)

But seriously…I read the previous post and suddenly I blurted out the first thing that sprang to mind (^)…there was no innerer thought at the time. I find they vary a bit, but one of the recurring ones is the how-far-off-is-World War III…?


Why is it that everytime I go to sleep the damn phones rings? :a And no, I can’t turn it off because it’s my backup alarm clock too. :doh:


/me suspects that your chinese friends are all playing a game of “Lets see what our British Canadian friend will eat”.
You can get a nice steak & vegie (green weeds & carrot) stir-fry noodles from most decent chinese eateries for about 12-15 yen (that’s about $2Au/Ca).

Don’t eat off the street stalls of course :wink: Some restaurrants have little takeaway windows that are fantastic :wink:

Don’t forget to try the dim-sims :slight_smile:
Remember they are full of hot (and sticky) juice.

My helpful GF says … just bite into it … so I did … then she pipes up “and suck the juice out” … after I’d just got sticky,greasy pork juice all over me :stuck_out_tongue:


LMAO! :bigsmile:
But, seriously, do you have a pizza???


I see all those food places - they look good. :iagree:
Unfortunately, my hosts are insistent upon taking me out and getting me the “best” food (read: weird things that no one ought to eat) because I am their guest. :rolleyes:
I managed to excuse myself from lunch today because of work, but they just bought me food from a reastraunt. It was a carp head in some pond weed I think. Yummy…

I also saw a dead pig floating in a canal today. Maybe that will be my dinner for tomorrow… :confused:




Klingon cuisine.


Not like permanantly attached to my person, but I´m sure I could jack one up should the need present itself!


My innermost thoughts this morning were:

“Bloody hell…why, when I go to bed early, do I get no sleep?!” :a


That one’s easy, you break your regular sleep pattern and that’s no good. But you already knew this.

My thoughts were “oh, so I have another full hour to get to work” after I recieved an SMS stating that we start one hour later today. Yeah very important, thought trough “inner feelings” :stuck_out_tongue:

I am a blabbermouth.


Did you call me “Honey”??? :cop:

I’ve been brain-washed; I’d probably eat that food now :iagree: and then say I enjoyed it…
I had eel for lunch today - it was pretty good, except I had to pick a live eel out of a tank and give it to the chef to go and kill. Not too keen on that. :disagree:


Monkey brain


Wooot??? That’s your innermost though? :eek: