What are your impressions of Lightscribe?

I just wanted to get a feel of what the users of this community have toward Lightscribe technology.

I run a site that is for Lightscribe users and we have noticed that the use of the lightscribe technology has been slowly but surely becoming more popular. However it seems to me that it is not catching on as quickly as it could be. Most users I have talked to love it and enjoy the results from it.

But I just wanted to ask you have you used it? If so what are your impressions of the technology and do you think that it is something that will be around for awhile or just fade away.

If you have used it and are not impressed with it, what would need to be changed or improved to get you to become a user of the technology

It would need to be faster and cheaper than a permanent marker, which works just as well.

Hook it up, brother.

my handwritings awful and i dont have a printer so lightscribe suits me fine i like it and i can wait for it to complete i have 4 other burners :slight_smile:

With the number of discs I use - too slow and too much effort - why bother?
The disc I like are not in lightscribe.

Way too expensive a premium on blank discs for what it produces; even if you can wait for the end result. You can buy a printer and loads of ink for the extra money spent on LightScribe. And they’re in proper colour.

At the moment my view is that it’s a gimmick with no future.

DiscT@2 somehow seems more imaginative… using ordinary discs and all.

I use the disks occasionally however, for me, it is just too slow. Especially, when burning in high contrast mode. It does get a reaction from people that have never seen it which is worth something. I can print a label in color and stick it on a disc in a couple of minutes which is a big advantage over Lightscribe

With the right kind of image the result can be pleasing (better on CD than DVD though). An inkjet disc image takes a similar amount of preparation. The processing time isn’t a real issue for me, but a big disadvantage is the small print area of LS (not hub-printable). People just needing to add text for disc identification aren’t going to bother I think.

Competitor LabelFlash seems to have an even harder time.

it’s nice once in a great while. i did a nice disc for my cousin’s kindergarten graduation, but for general us ethe discs are too expensive and it prints too slow.

if you try to speed it up, you’re getting into low contrast area and it won’t show up well if at all.

it’s pretty cool when you first get it, but once you burn 2 or 3 discs with it you’re over the novelty and it just becomes yet another thing to waste time on. when i got my lightscribe burner i bought a 30 pack of discs. i still have 24 left. that was over a year ago.

If i buy a movie and the original disc has a monochrome look to it i will use LS DVD blank instead of my printable DVD blanks for my back up.

I had an idea what LS would look like before it bought a LS drive. I now have 4 of them.

To each their own…

LS = Gimmick.
Inkjet priting is quicker, cheaper, gets prettier results and you have a wider choice of Decent quality media.

Debro’s summary of the history of disc labelling.

The car was invented and released in vast quantities to the world before the invention & release of the horse and wagon. The horse died before leaving the driveway, but the myriad of enthusiastic drivers are hitting it anyway. There is a Mardi Gra Float with colourful ribbons, flowers & ballons and is being hauled by scantily leather clad blokes - bare skin is also painted, I think, but I don’t really want to look too closely.
There are people walking around, without the problems with parking, flogging or the chill which can go whereever they want, whenever they want, even places where the other three cannot go :stuck_out_tongue:
Inkjet Printing is the car, Lightscribe is the horse and wagon and DiscT@2 is the mardi Gra float.
The walking people are the sharpies.


There is [I]NO[/I] substitute for my Sharpie-eh!

If TY would make WaterShields in TY02 version i would be a happier man :iagree:

Cheapest Inkjet Printers (In Oz):
Epson STYLUS R230
Canon PIXMA iP4300

Both approx $100us.