What are your favorite movies of 2004?

Well, 2004 is almost over. Personally, I think that this year has been pretty disappointing in terms of movies. Alexander was a big disappointment as the movie wandered aimlessly with no sense of focus. And they were hoping for Oscars for that one. :stuck_out_tongue: Bah. I, Robot was nice, except that, in my personal opinion, they added too many clichéd Matrix-like elements (like slow-motion digital action) that didn’t really fit and grew overused and annoying very quickly. I’ve seen too many of Will Smith’s comedies, so it was also hard to take him seriously in this non-comic role. Humbug. I guess there just weren’t any movies that really stood out…

There are also some movies that I hope to see, but haven’t been able to yet: Life Aquatic, Kinsey, and Sideways (unfortunately, in the case of the latter two, very few theatres are showing them, so I think I’ll have to rent them when they’re finally released on DVD).

Anyway, that’s enough rambling from me. Here are the 3 movies of 2004 that I personally found to be the most enjoyable:

  1. Ocean’s Twelve (not nearly as exciting as 11, but very funny)
  2. Closer (it’s awfully depressing, but captivating)
  3. The Phantom of the Opera (slightly disappointing, but still good overall)

What 2004 movies have been your favorite?

for me it’s
3 Oceans Tweleve
2 I. Robot

I don’t have a favourite. This year wasn’t great for movies.

I robot
the girl next door

I have to admit i enjoyed I Robot. Will Smith is rather phhoooarrrrrrr :o

i didnt realise his musles were that big (no im not gay if any of ya are thinking it) I think he should be the next Bond he has the right attitude in my view

I like sci-fi so I enjoyed I.Robot. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind was a notch better, but in a completely different way.
Not been any “big” movies this year, like a Ring or Starwars-movie.
It seems I have forgotten nearly all I’ve seen this year because of this. I remember the expensive films :wink:

Will Smith would be interesting as a Bond but he isnt very british… :wink:
And Bond, while he is immortal (and really good-looking for his age), isnt colored.

Do porn movies count? :rolleyes: :bigsmile:

LOL! No, they don’t. :stuck_out_tongue: Only movies that mainstream theatres show count. I guess if this was 2003, you could’ve nominated The Dreamers. :wink:

LOTR: The Return Of The King (I watched it this year ;))
Spiderman 2

Spiderman 1 & 2 (Superbit DTS versions)
The Lord of The Rings; The Return Of The King (Extended Edition)
Katsuhiro Ôtomo’s Memories

Didn’t anyone else feel as though i, Robot was just a 90 minute Audi commercial? It wasn’t as terrible as a James Bond film but still. Getting back to the topic I don’t think I really liked any films this year at all unfortunately.

As usual i agree with Maddox :bigsmile:

Damnit, there goes my top 20. :smiley:

I’ve seen a lot of movies this year (non-porn also :iagree: ), but not one that deserves to be in my top 5.

Favorite Movies of 2004:

  1. National Treasure
  2. Shrek 2
  3. King Arthur (Clive Owen is great!)(Anyone see the BMW movies he was the driver in?)
  4. The Day After Tomorrow
  5. The Village
  6. Van Helsing

I think that’s it.


devil is one of the best short films i`ve seen :bow: :bow: :bow:

Hmm let’s give this one a try…

  1. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (good story and I love blue hair)
  2. Shaun of the dead (now that’s funny)
  3. Sky captain and the world of tomorrow (I really like the classic touch to it)
  4. Kill Bill (Tarantino… says enough, doesn’t it?)
  5. Napoleon Dynamite (nerds nerds nerds)
  6. Van Helsing (nice special fx)
  7. Fahrenheit 911 (clear… very clear)

Yes I guess that’s about it :slight_smile:

eternal sunshine
harry potter
elf (2003, but dvd baby)

//this year had lots of decency - nothing unique besides eternal sunshine

reads the IMDb listing Didn’t know about this movie. But it sounds promising. adds movie to list of movies to rent Thanks. :wink: