What are your expectations on Kill bill, volume 2?

How do you think this movie will be like? Will it be better than volume one? Will there be a surprise in it, something nobody could have guessed? Will she succeed?

As it’s a Quentin Tarantino story, I don’t know what to expect… just want to hear your ideas…

I loved watching Kill Bill Vol.1 (Tip :Don’t eat too much when watching) , since i’m a big Anime fan , like alternative music and a whacky , but understanding storyline.

I think QT himself will play some role in Vol 2 , the sword gets broken , her daughter will try and kill her and hopefully the ending will be a complete parody to the Matrix. (Lots of people dying in huge amounts of blood and lots and lots and lots of body parts lying around).

I would hate it to be a shootout , but QT has been known to do this before (From dusk till dawn).

Further i sure hope there’s another anime scene in it , describing one of the women left of the assasination squad.

i didnt like vol1 that much, though i do love QT work - Reservoir Dogs being one of my fav movies.

I expect vol2 to be somewhat similar to 1 as far as directing is concerned, although i do feel the scenario will/should have something of the unexpected

Haven’t even been bothered to watch the first one :bigsmile:. Is it good?

Expectation of Kill Bill 2…Blood Blood Blood and more Blood!!!Ivanhoe…

The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.

I predict it will be very much similiar and just as terrible as each and every one of Quentin Tarantino’s other “works”. And his use of shifting timelines sh*t is really getting old.

I saw volume 2 yesterday. It’s pretty different from volume 1. More talking less fighting. Explanation why things happened in volume 1. Happy end. And a really nice scene with an eye… :Z