What are your 3Dmark06 Benchmark scores?



What scores did u get and what specs have u got??

I ran the benchmark on my comp and got 3901.

GFX:gainward 7900gt 256mb
cpu; amd 3500+
memory; corsair PC3200 value ram 2 x 1gb sticks
mobo;asus a8n-sli premium
hdd; seagate 250gb SATAII


no oc’


x2 @ 2.5GHz + 1 x X1800 @ default speed
3DMark Score 4424 3DMarks
SM 2.0 Score 1756 Marks
SM 3.0 Score 1766 Marks
CPU Score 1822 Marks



I hate all you guys with 7 series cards :stuck_out_tongue:


Just re-ran the test. Dunno how i got 3901, i mustve read it wrong the first time lol. Hmm damn i wish i had saved more and got a dual core :rolleyes: lol


if only… if only… i’d waited 2 months i’d have got a 7900GT for the same price as my 7800GT :sad:


This program is over 580MBs. Its bigger than Nero for g-ds sake. I don’t need this information that bad.


lol, i didnt say you had to do it. It took me an hour to download it, so wasnt a biggie for me. I was getting 210kb/s download speeds with my 2meg broadband. :slight_smile: Besides, I was just interested to see what results specs like yours would yield with the X2 processor you’ve got etc.


ok, how about posting 3DMark06 download time. :bigsmile:


lol. *too :slight_smile:


well decided to have a go with the overclock util, ; ended up with just over 4000 score. hmm.


That benchmark makes my rig feel [B]really[/B] outdated and tired.

I think I barely broke 2000


check out the stats here lol; i was like err wtf??


WTF!! LOL, all these guys are running opteron CPU’s wtf??? can someone care to explain why for me?


tell me from where i can get that bechmark softwaree ??? and how should i use it ??? tell me any good bechmark which can test ur whole system :wink:
thanksss in advance


this benchmark is for testing the performance of your computer as a gaming machine. So it tests cpu, and graphics basicly. I got it from here; http://www.majorgeeks.com/3DMark06_d4935.html
To test other stuff you an try http://www.passmark.com/products/pt.htm


About 9 months ago AMD started using rebadged FX-57 processors in the Opteron 939 line of processors, so for less than £200 you could get a chip that has pretty much the same overclock potential as the £700+ FX-57. The Opteron 148 in my sig is just such a chip, it has the exact same processor stepping as some FX-57’s:- CABNE 0528 GPMW Link and yet it only cost £220 :wink:

The other thing is that Opterons are intended as server grade processors and it is a common belief that they are tested more thoroughly than regular A64’s, and don’t forget that all the Opterons have 1Mb of L2 cache, which is particularly useful for Benchmarking and overclocking.


what socket mobo do you need for an opteron cpu? would the a8n-sli premium be compatible? i assume yes since it can take FX cpu’s.


The mobo you have and the one I have are definitely different, I have the ASUS A8N32 SLI-Deluxe and you have the Premium, on NewEgg there is a 40.00USD price difference with the deluxe costing more, I just am not sure what the difference is.


Yup for a while the opteron 144 and 146 were the hottest bargains on the market.

I bought my Opteron 146 for $115 shipped, I think late 2005 I forget.

I have had it running at 2950Mhz ever since.

It is a Socket 939 chip.

I also had a +3500 like yours, what a difference this Opteron clocked that high makes in everything.