What are you like on a night out?

You’re right.

Back in topic, I like very much to join with fiends at home, prepare dinner all together, and then spend all evening at table, chatting, eating :stuck_out_tongue: , and having fun.

These dinners can last up to 3-4 am :bigsmile:

every fryday i go out with friends to a café and play pool, i am a realy shy type get nervous with very girl that is walking by or asking for the time…

i dont drink alcohol or smoke so the nights are not that expensive :stuck_out_tongue:
but i am to shy for my own good :frowning:

I’m dull and out of place. I cant hear what people say, dont like the drink and it’s expensive. At least I dont die of passive smoking anymore.

I’m still accused of that … but when I’m not drunk … wtf?

Twins! Except the expensive part.

Gee I’ve aged alot … I’ve turned into a classic wallflower & refuse to dance, even when plastered, not that that ever happens anymore.

i also have this problem, just smile nod and say ‘yeah m8’ lol, loud music when its so loud its breaking up in a club is horrible i cant stand it and often wake up the next day with ringing in my ears, but i still keep going back for more :eek: dont get me wrong i like loud music but not so loud it hurts and especially that crappy pop cheese they play, now 80’s cheese thats ok :slight_smile:

LOL yeah, on our karaoke nights, the girl who organises the karaoke tends to turn up the music halfway through the night…I too tend to just nod, smile and go “yeah”…just hope it’s not to the wrong thing :o :bigsmile:

Just fart a little and try to look dangerous.

cmon people are yo all a bit square sort of speak is there only dee who lets her hair down, as for myself im a bit wild love to have fun and do some sick/daft stuff , but i always keep it within the group im in ,(less hassle) but loads of fun , i would give some examples but dont fancy being modded :wink: LOL …eat a bit of this :Z and that sort of speak :stuck_out_tongue: :eek: :eek: PARTY TIME!!! :bigsmile:

LOL :bigsmile:

I had a giggle at that one as well. :smiley:

Are you sure you’re married ? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yep i’m sure. He knew the package he was getting before we were married and he wouldn’t want to change me. As he oftens says. I can flirt and i can tease, but he’s the one who takes me home. :wink:

Awww, ain’t love grand? :smiley:

Edit: I’m being serious, that’s really sweet!

hehe, we still have L plates, we’ve only been wed just over 2 years. :o

Yes, but everyone is greatly influenced by the people they work with … and most of us don’t teach :stuck_out_tongue:

The people at my workplace are 36, 42, 54, 61 & 63.
On occasion we get younger people come in as temps for secretarial work.

Dee gets to hang out with the fountain of youth all day :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to think that i’ve done some serious growing up over the last year…the mess of the relationships with Numbers…and losing my dad…i’ve come to realize that there are more important things in life than just one big party…

I use to drink …ALL the time…like dee…flash my goodies…even sing on karaoke night…hang out with a few friends…do the lap dance thing in clubs…just for kicks…and now i’ve turned into …this chick who would rather stay at home watch old movies and post on the forum …than go out looking for a party…:(…

God that sounded soo pathetic…someone rescue me!!

P.S. Kick i’ve said nothing bad about Italians…

Hey…don’t feel bad about yourself. I’m not a party animal either. I would much rather just go out with a couple of friends and bowl or watch a movie. Partying is over-rated if you ask me.

Oh yeah, and of course, I’d like to stay home and post on CD Freaks.

thats nothing to be embarrased about :clap: im getting married in 14 days :eek:

so as from this time my partying will gradually fade , my liver will benefit and my new family will grow :wink:

Everybody’s gotta grow up some time… Even if you grow up, there is nothing wrong with a little partying now and then, though it might not be like it used to be and thats ok too.
I think my partying skills as a teenager would put dee’s to shame but franklly, right now, I would love to have such a good lifestyle, as I have had to grow up a little to much and life is boring as hell… My best night out is like tonight, sit at the computer getting drunk (of all the drugs I have done in my life, stress the word “ALL”, I have no desire to do any of them except alcohol and franklly thats my thing). I only drink when I have the next day off and have to work the night shift the day after my day off, cause I do not just drink a few drinks (really, I will never have a beer or two). Either I don’t drink or I get plastered (and I mean really shit faced drank a fifth again plaster). I sat home doing it and watch movies, or screw around on the computer and post drunk here (got warned for that once and probably deserve a few more warnings). It’s not the best life but hell, it’s a life…
Don’t sweat it SS, I have been through some horibble ups and downs, and franklly, if my wife haddent gone from drinking and partying to devout jehovas witness, I’d probably be more like dee and her man, but life will work it self out (I’m still waiting for it to work it self out right now, but I have been in a lot worse situations before). Just be happy with what you have now, despite the problems, and make the best of it. You just said that you have us and old movies (franklly I’m in need of some new movies) and hopefully you are having some fun out of it (I’m not sure I could make it as the wife is home sick but howbout a drink in the lounge…)? You probably dont need the blood preasure rise though!!!
I promise you, things will get beter. Going through the horible things you have, you have to just sit back and deal with life. Lots of us have these bad periods of life. Just don’t do what I did and give up. Always be waiting for the next day and even if your current problems last a year or two (or a lot longer), do what you can and when they are resolved, don’t try to regain an old life that you will never find again, find a new one (though at your age the new one might be identical to the old one, lol)…

What do you think the chances are that you have a wife like dee or SS? Prepare for the nut removal tool (after the I do’s and the cerimony), there is a private cerimony where you have your testostrone producing nuts gentelly removed…
I’m just kidding of course but boy is it fun messing with an about to be maried man!!!
Fyi they change after you marry them!!! Prepare to give it up!
I only put one ! there cause you can be stuborn like me and not give it up at all, so you fight, or you might be beter matched. Just remember, women defanatlly, statistaically change after marrige!!! //////////(I’m screwing with you again but it is actually true in the US anyway…
Also, you liver may not benifit. I had a 20lb liver upon marrige and the beast hast to be 50lb’s by now after 8 yr’s of marriage!!! My gut is not that big, just my liver is!!!