What are you like on a night out?

As the title says.
What are you like on a night out?

Hubby and I will usually go to a pub sometime over the weekend, usually a Saturday night. We will sometimes go from there to a nightclub and drink and dance until the small hours of the morning.

I’m pretty wild I guess, once I’ve had a few drinks I’m pretty flirty and I’m often accused of being a tease. If I’m in the mood I’ll show off my wares, even flash my boobs (not that anyone would notice) and usually regret it in the morning, usually thinking “I hope no school parents were in the club”. :o

The next night out I will forget about my worries and do it all over again. :stuck_out_tongue:
So what are you like on a night out?

Well i;m 18, the silent type when amongst strangers unless ive had alot to drink, am loud and goofy amongst the few friends that I have, I like being the centre of attention amongst my friends. When I first went out I got completely wasted, since then I try my damndest to not drink excessively, and not give a shizz about whether i look cool holding a drink or not, yeah i used to think, i should be holding a drink lol. I suppose its the same with people who smoke, its a comfort thing to be holding that ciggy. (I don;t smoke).

I am not very flirty in fact I don;t really know how to be, Im just the ‘nice’ guy, i suspect thats more of a turn off than anything. I also tend to lose a tad of fluency when it comes to mucho sexo women, hey what can I say. When it comes to talking to a girl that seems interested in me, and is neither a stunner nor a hag, then im good to talk to.

My major flaw is that I i give the impression that I think Iknow it all, and I’m too opinionated about peoples opinions lol. I find it a bit hard to hide when I think someone is either full of shizz or just up themselves etc. I just switch off and wish I was elsewhere lol.

Ok, now that you’ve had all that psychoanalysis of your fellow member, i’ll be quiet :slight_smile:

^^ err yeah… me too… but im 17, and dont know anyone where i live… so it looks like im going to get smashed on the beach for my 18th by myself :frowning:

Hahahaha, wow Dee, sounds like you have some serious fun! :iagree:

The only nights out I go on are karaoke every other Wednesday night at a local pub, with me mum. Whilst I can’t drink 'cause of meds I’m taking, and she can only have two halves 'cause she’s driving, it’s still fun.

My mum gets up and sings, maybe 3 songs…there’s no way you’d ever see me up on the mic unless I’m fairly tanked up, but as I say, that can’t happen!

Hehe, I’ve met a couple of guys whilst out on these nights, but being flirty while your mum is watching (and mine has eyes like a hawk…I’m 31, for crying out loud, LOL) is a bit difficult :bigsmile:

We get home maybe 1am, and have a pizza afterwards. :iagree:

where do you stay again :bigsmile:

nowadays i’m out for a good few pints, will get drunk sometimes, but i’m usually away early for a kebab and up the road, too old now, all the youngsters are running around your feet and drinking you under the table, time to move on and let them do what i did at their age, and the hangovers stay even longer now :frowning:

If I can’t have acess to the pr0n secret forum, can I have the address of your pub? :bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, get in line, even I don’t have access to the secret pr0n forum :bigsmile:

Okei … to tell you that I just wear my t-shirt that says “WARNING! Big TeddyBear Hugs for free” … should given you a photo of that t-shirt … had it made at a lockal shop some weeks ago … haven tested it out yet :stuck_out_tongue:

i like to show off on the karaoke and do abit of open mic on the guitar however im usually that pissed up i end up messing the song up :slight_smile: , sometimes if im not skint ill go out w the lads to a club and act daft and chat some cheese and just basically have a good time :slight_smile: and take the piss out of my m8’s all night :slight_smile: attempting the conga whilst pissed up in a packed nightclub is quite a laugh :slight_smile:

[B]Arachne[/B], are you offering as volounteer? :bigsmile:

Near Edinburgh :slight_smile: :cool:

[B]Dee[/B], have you ever think to plan a trip to Italy? :bigsmile:

after all the bad things SS has told about italian pepz I dont think shell do that :stuck_out_tongue: , but maby … that is just MABY … Dee haven`t heard what SS lies :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT : nooooo SS telling LIES … that can`t be true :stuck_out_tongue: :flower:

Looks at watch

I’m surprised you’re not on the way to Edinburgh by now, Geno :bigsmile:

I’ve been to Venice and i’d like to visit Rome.
I hope they have good nightclubs in Rome. :wink:


:bigsmile: :bigsmile:

My mum went to Rome for 4 days back in January. She said the food’s excellent, but expensive (and she’s not the nightclub type!).

I’d love to go to Italy…

Too bad this is true: living as tourist in Rome is really a pain!

But food is veeeeeery good :bigsmile:

And there are so much things to see in Rome :iagree:

Yeah, my mum took a lot of pictures…beautiful place. :slight_smile:

Edit: How off-topic did this go, LOL.