What are you good at?


Ooops :smiley:

Putting in the miles each cold winter morning takes it’s toll. :slight_smile: giving birth didn’t help either. :slight_smile: But yeah, at 29 i’m knocking on a bit. :sad: Not enough to spoil my Saturday nights out though. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

About 800. I’ve been teaching Kindergarten for 10 years. Oh, and one of my own.

What plugging in a toaster :bigsmile:



you should read my replay :bigsmile:

Aww … now lets see here …
Flirting, breaking hearts, making people laugh.
Now onto S_S … Oh. See above. :bigsmile:

Also ability to see the big picture, while also being able to flicker between details.

My boss thinks I’m alright at solving problems.:cool:

I’m good at forming my own opinions on everything, which suggests that I at least think about things. I even bought a benq1620 to resolve the NEC3500 vs Benq1620 debate. :doh: Bah! Benq sucks …

I’d also like to think I’m half decent at working with PC’s. My GF filled out a form earlier for an RMA & put me down as expert level PC user :slight_smile:

I’m generally optimistic.:bigsmile:

I see humour in everything. :clap:

I’m good at brushing my teeth. I still have all my teeth at 27 & no fillings. :wink:

I’m good at smiling. Apparently I smile alot. The high density of smilies in my posts are real.:rolleyes:
I’m excellent at controlling my temper. I’m rarely :a:a:a

Uh…smoking cigarettes…sleeping, driving (not together anymore), taking care of this little guy(on the right)…not sticking my steel-toed boots up his mothers posterior (not that I don’t want to, just don’t want to waste a good pair of boots).

I’m rather good to prepare pizza; usually I make it by myself (rarely I buy it)

I’m good at farting :bigsmile:

Banning people from this forum :wink:

That is usually a trick question - Let me see now…Good at … hmmm… Determining media codes by the smell - otherwise nothing else, :smiley:

I’m good also in eating pizzas I made :bigsmile:

Well, apart from computers and electronics, I really enjoy playing piano. Just can’t beat a bit of that when you’re pissed off (or not, but it’s good at helping you calm down, just as this forum is good at helping me avoid revision for tomorrow’s exams :P).


My job (licks his own ar$e :slight_smile: )


You mean the one you’ve taken out of the McCain all dressed rising crust box and put in the oven for 15-20 minutes in the middle rack ? :smiley: Can’t blame you, it’s gooood ! :slight_smile:

McCain?? Pfft, you need Chicago Town or Freshetta (sp?). Can’t beat them on taste! :slight_smile:

Chicago Town…mmm, I’m very good at heating those up :bigsmile: