What are you good at?

Nearly everyone is good at something, some are lucky enough to be good at many things, some are unlucky enough to never realise they are good at something until later in life.
But nearly everyone is good at least one particular task or pastime.
So what are you good at?

i’m quite good with my hands, i’m a joiner to trade and like doing the fiddley bits of it & finishings, hate doing any paperwork, i’d like to better with computers, i got paid off once and thought about doing a MCSE course in london, free of charge, but i got a few books and it lost me a bit, but a got another job offshore, so it was put to the side for now.

What about you?


Video Game Desigin more perticuly Level Desigin. I work at… well I donno if I shoulD say. The Company I work for has been in the FPS buisness since the good ol dos days. Oh ya and what game are there a moster that has the First name Pinky. Oh ya and I’m good at Bass. I am the lead singer/bass in a band.

So how many have you got?

My neighbors wife :iagree:

Good with electrical stuff. I’d hope that I could say I’m a good listener…definitely good at problem solving.

That’s about it, apart from being excellent at winding people up :bigsmile:

As BJ said, what about you, Dee? You can’t ask this kind of question without telling us what you’re good at, too :slight_smile:

im not a half bad singer by all accounts, my guitar skills on the other hand need a little polishing up :slight_smile:

oh and…

getting pissed :slight_smile:

Q4 ?

meh… im not very good at anything… i play the guitar but am nowhere near professional… im trying to learn c++ but so far the programs im using arnt doing what the book says it should… I suppose the only thing i am good at is gaining peoples confidence…

You do yourself no justice. :slight_smile:

I know… i think its because ive been depressed lately… i suppose i can make people laugh… when i want to :wink:

See, there’s one thing already! The making people laugh part, not the being depressed part. :wink:

I’m pretty good on guitar, (classically trained) but i prefer rock and jazz styles now.
I used to be a pretty useful 400M runner, but now i’m old.

Cough you’re younger than me :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi :slight_smile:
I’m good at being a miserable old git. :a I came can also claim to be 100% successful at being a failure. :doh:

Hey guys; this is not a thread about being crap! :slight_smile:

@Zeb: Combine those two things, and you’re a failure at being a miserable old git. That’s a good thing, right :iagree: :wink:

@Dee: “old” in running terms is like 25? Also we’ve seen in the other thread what you’re like on a Saturday night on the toon so don’t give us that :wink: :flower:

@haveaciggie: Gaining people’s confidence is a MAJOR SKILL! It’s what you do with it afterwards that’s the key. But at least it’s yours to play with… :D.

Looks like I’m good at optimism then :p.

/me like FOOD :bigsmile:

(btw I’m goot to eat, not to cook :sad: )

i guess i would have to say my best quality is talking…(yes debro feel free to post in my behalf)

I taught myself how to play the piano when i was around 8 …now i’ve ventured off on the mandolin just to improve my musical ability…
I’ve been asked to sing in August for the year after Katrina in New Orleans / Biloxi with a 2000 member choir…(but i really don’t think i’m that great, just lucky,)

oh yeah and i’m really good at being Tax’s wife :wink: and Hemi’s Mistress :wink:

…and Kick’s fantasy now :D.