What are VTS files?

I’m having big problems with a DVD that has some VIDEO_TS files, and some files called VTS_01, VTS_02, and so on. What are these VTS files?

What’s happening is that I use DVDBackup to back up the DVD; it chugs along for around three-quarters of an hour, as normal, then when I ask DVD2OneX to process the resulting VIDEO_TS file, it just zooms along for about a second and says it’s finished. The resulting VIDEO_TS file is not viewable.

What’s the problem here?

Read about video structure here.
Not familiar with dvdbackup,suggest you try DVD decrypter to rip or AnyDVD running in the background and compress with dvd2one on the fly.
BTW thats way to long to rip a DVD.

How do you mean “running in the background”, bamo?

What’s happening at the moment - the disk seems to rip all right, but when I set DVD2OneX on it, it just fills up the little blue line instantly and says “plink”. The resulting VIDEO_TS file (or disk image) is unplayable.

Ack, these are Windows programs, bamo, I’m using a Mac. Thanks, though.

I would suggest that you go to dvd2one.com and post your question there in the dvd2onex forum. There is also a tutorial on the site to help you.Hope this helps. :slight_smile: