What are these Fuji-Film DVD+R?



I bought at Radio Shack some Fuji-Film DVD-R (made in Japan) which turned out to be Tayo Yuden TYG01.

I also saw some Fuji-Film DVD+R (made in Taiwan): does anyone know what company manufactures these discs?






More like Ritek that uses Ricoh media code.


But they still use Ricoh dye do they not? Ricoh doesn’t actually make any discs in Japan does it? This seems similar to MCC media made in Taiwan by CMC.


There’s never been any compelling evidence that Ricoh and Ritek are using any different dye, or anything else. They may have different specs for the disc-making process, but the 2 media types certainly have more in common then not.


I take that back about Ricoh not making anything itself. I found some old Fujifilm CD-RWs that are Ricohs and made in Japan. I also have some Fujifilm DVD+RWs that are Ricohs, but I’m not sure about the origin since the back label on the jewel cases say “made in Taiwan” but the text printed on the top of the discs say “made in Japan”…