What are these CD-Rs like?



Sorry about having to start a new thread. I hope this isn’t against “protocol” - I’m only a n00b to all this stuff and this board.

(please note all prices are in Australian $)

Bargain.net.au have spindles of 50 Ritek CD-Rs for (CDR-9017E3IRTK003) $16 (judging by the code, they’re 90 minute CDs?) Are Ritek CD-R’s any good? I realise their DVD media is top-notch.

They also have Mitsubishi (GD80CB50PCN) for $17, and Benq (52XCDR80-50CB-GOLD) for $17.50

I’ve been using Maxell CD-R’s for some time now, and I CDSpeed’d them the other day, and they’re Ritek… Are these going to be the same quality as the Ritek’s mentioned above?

and lastly, what are SKC CD-R’s like? I can get 100 silver-tops for $29.

and another question -

In regards to TDK Gold - mine tested as being made by CMC. If I were to buy some cheap-ass brand that were also made by CMC they’d be just as good, right? Am I being ripped off by buying TDK Golds?

sorry about all the questions!