What are these? Are they any good?

Does anyone recognise this disc?
I have an opportunity to buy some at approximately $0.34au ($0.25US) a disc (inc postage & handling) and am wondering if anyone recognises what they are & if possible who manufacturers them :wink:

Thanks in advance.

I can’t read the brand name on that pic.
Care to elaborate? What is the brand?

It’s rubbish Integrity media, made by Info Smart in Hong Kong. I got a few of these as test samples and some of them don’t even have media codes! If you end up getting these, debro, all I can say is GOOD LUCK! :stuck_out_tongue:


They sure are good looking though…
I’d be proud to put them under my coffee cup…

They’re not really all that good looking. Look at the last line of writing: Made in Hong Kong! :Z

I’m pretty sure Integrity is imported by i-Mart Store.


@ terminalvelocd
Thanks. That’s what I was looking for :bigsmile:

I saw these labelled as “Premium” media on ebay, and was just wondering what they were, because I’ve never seen them before :wink: