What are these apl files for?

Hi There, this is my first post. First of all, i would like to thank u all for the excellent site. I just came by searching for info on .ape files (I didn’t even know what it was till i came across it the 1st time) and so far i’ve learned so much just by searching through your posts… :clap:

Well, i’ve managed to create ape files of whole CDs with cue and play them with winamp with mp3cue plug-in and burn them into CDs. But i didn’t understand what are the apl files that monkey’s audio can generate… as my winamp won’t play them :eek: In Winamp preferences it says apl is a recognized files… :rolleyes:

I guess it would solve my problem of tagging individual tracks (without cutting the CD image into individual tracks), cause that’s the only thing i miss from my mp3 days… Will it? How to???

C’mon guys, give me a hand, will ya??? :sad:

Hi aken9879 and welcome to our forum. :flower:

The *.APL files (Monkey’s Audio Image Link File) is a pointer to the *.APE Files (Monkey’s Audio Lossless Audio Compression Format).

Yeah, I kinda guessed that, but why can’t my Winamp play them??? If it is a pointer, it should point to the track at the .ape file and play it, right? Why isn’t it??