What are the very best, most reliable DVD labels?



As we all know, various manufacturers make discs for various labels, yet it is also accepted that certain DVDs are always better than others, for instance Taiyo Yuden is renowned for being very good.

I want to ask what the generallly best labels are. I am aware that Ritek has long been a ‘good’ label, and I’ve been using 05s, but recently they have come to be known as degrading very quickly.

I have already mentioned Taiyo Yuden, but a reasonable price for these is like gold dust everywhere I’ve looked in real life and the net.

Verbatin are meant to be really good, but I’ve heard some bad things about them (posts #1, 4 & 9). Do you guys think it could be to do with the fakes going around or have any of you had bad experiences with real ones?

Bar those two, what are the other REALLY good ones too, not just good but the best?


You already answered your own question. $0.44 per disc is not that expensive.


“but I’ve heard some bad things about them (posts #1, 4 & 9)”

Have you actually looked at the DATE of the thread you link to?? :bigsmile: (BTW this thread is mainly about CDRs…)

I think nowadays no Verbatim user would tell you bad things about their discs… I wouldn’t :disagree:

The brand (what you call “label”) subject is simple, apart from Verbatim, there is no really reliable BRAND (oh, maybe “That’s”, but never seen them in any store as yet).

Manufacturers, well that’s another story. Maxell, Ricoh, Mitsubishi Chemicals and of course Taiyo Yuden have a good reputation for quality and consistency. Taiyo Yuden seems to be the only manufacturer that EVERYBODY praise. Personnaly I’m happy with Verbatim (Mitsubishi Chemicals - MCC…) and Maxell (MXL…) medias. Ritek’s reputation went downhill and for good reasons. They had it coming…

About Maxell, beware: it’s not because they manufacture excellent media that any Maxell-branded disc is great, because they sell other manufacturers’ discs under their brand name as well (recently, for example, RITEK G05).

Want peace of mind? Go Verbatim (brand) or Taiyo Yuden (manufacturer). You may have both if you buy Verbatim Pastels LOL :bigsmile:

Have you read the MEDIA FAQ? Not yet? Do it!

Cheers :slight_smile:


I have recently come across some CRAPPY verbatims, the ones from Newegg that they had on sale, the OEM ones for 28.00 free shipping. The -R’s that i got are terrible. PIF are in the 180,000 range with max as high as 90. PIF are littered across the scan, ranging from lowest of 400 to 1,200 with Max at 6-8.

I don’t think they are fakes. The id’s seem ok and everything. I think these were second hand or value verbatims. I only use them now for unimportant stuff.


Hi ccboy777 :slight_smile:

“on sale”

I think this summarises the problem… as I wrote in another thread: “buy cheap, buy twice”…

BTW I’ve found a thread where people buying these “OEM Verbatims” seem to have had much more luck than you did:

“PIF are in the 180,000 range with max as high as 90. PIF are littered across the scan, ranging from lowest of 400 to 1,200 with Max at 6-8.”

What scanning routine? LiteOn/Kprobe? Benq/CD Speed? NEC/CD Speed? Other? 1ECC? 8ECC? Scanning speed?:confused: - it can make HUGE differences… actually PIE MAX=90 can be quite good with some scanning techniques, and awful with others!

Anyway this doesn’t concern fully-branded Verbatim disc, does it? There has been discussion about differences in quality between made in India and made in Taiwan Verbs, but that’s about all I think…?

And if you start with the marginal and the anecdotic, I can talk about these recently pointed problematic Fuji branded Taiyo Yuden… and then what would be left to give advice to people who’d like to buy more or less safely??! Tuffdiscs? LOL :bigsmile:

My point is: nothing’s perfect, and the guy asked for a BRAND name. Is there any other brand that comes to one’s mind that one would trust over Verbatim??? I don’t think so…


OK, you’ve completely confused me now.

Speaking of where they’re made, I take it that the disc code given on the website will have that information? If Verbs from India are really good, surely I just check the code on the website? Like here?

I live in the UK - if I can get that kind of price in the UK (25-30p), I’d be ecstatic. If you know of anywhere, please tell!


{DV 3260} Taiyo Yuden Unbranded (16x) DVD-R in Spindle Tubs of 100
Equivalent Retail Price Per Disc: 43.0p

{DV 3228} Verbatim ‘Silver Top’ (16x) DVD-R in Spindle Tubs of 25
Equivalent Retail Price Per Disc: 36.3p
(that’s the ones I use by now - outstanding, very close to the 16x TY)

{DV 3138} Taiyo Yuden (8x) Unbranded DVD-R in Heavy Duty Spindle Tubs of 100
Equivalent Retail Price Per Disc: 35.0p

You’ll find these at
http://www.blankdiscshop.co.uk/acatalog/dvd-rnoprint.html - I can vouch for this online shop. No I don’t work for them, I’m just a happy customer :wink:

I don’t think you can find these discs at a better price in Europe. Rdgrimes gave you the price in the US, where TY sells cheaper… :frowning:

At the max price you give (30p) you’ll have to cope with less top-of-the-line discs, I’m afraid. Your call.


Thanks for the info Franksoy, but what about the Verbs that I linked to? I know they’re only 8x but that’s all my drive can do for DVD-R, and they’re even cheaper. I’m gonna look at where you ponited me too, and work out the shipping…


The 16x -R Verbs are better than the 8x ones, even written @8x.

These 8x verbs are quite good though, you can’t go wrong with these, but you asked for “the best”…

Anyway £ 6.99 VAT included is a good price. Didn’t check shipping charges, keep an eye on that… :wink: - and policies.


Thanks, if you think they’re sound in terms of data quality and life, I’ll go for those - I get my CD-Rs from there and the shipping’s only around £3. I’m not so worried about burning speed as reliability and longevity - I usually burn mine at 2-2.4x to ensure a good burn and nice deep pits.


Burning high speed media at low speed is a serious mistake. 8x media often burns well at 4x, but 16x media should not be burned below 8x.


“I usually burn mine at 2-2.4x to ensure a good burn and nice deep pits”

Repeat after me: “The burning at low speed dogma is based on false logic”
read there: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?p=1068501#post1068501
Burn your media at its rated speed, and lower the speed ONLY if you encounter problems.

“I’m not so worried about burning speed as reliability and longivity”

That was also my point when pointing to the 16X Verbs. Not because they are faster, but because they give better quality burns whatever the speed used. These you can burn at 16x, 12x, 8x, 6x and 4x, and the quality is consistently excellent, which is not the case of most high-speed discs, as Rdgrimes rightly states.

But rest assured, these 8X Verbs that you plan to buy are really good discs. I’ve put a burnt one in a steam cooker (C.80°, 100% relative humidity) for three hours and it’s still readable… :bigsmile: LOL (true story!) -


This is true as a general recommendation.

It is not however to be taken as gospel.

Verbatim DVD+R 16x (MCC 004) burn fine in my NEC 3500 at 2.4x (it happened due to a stupid bug in a burning application). They also burn fine in my laptop drive, a Matshita UJ-840S, which cannot burn faster than 8x and start all DVD+R burns at 2.4x (the 2.4x portion of the burn is almost as good as the rest of the burn).

When I accidentally burned Verbatim DVD-R 8x media (MCC 02RG20) at 2x in my NEC 3500 drive, the result was a coaster however.

My Plextor PX-712 burns Verbatim DVD+R 16x media at least as well at 6x with Constant Linear Velocity as it does the same media at 12x P-CAV. In fact it never burns media worse at 6x than at higher speeds in my experience.

So I would say it all depends on the media, the burner, and the quality of the firmware write strategy at the selected speed.


“It is not however to be taken as gospel.”

:iagree: In my experience NOTHING in terms of burning speeds must be taken as gospel. My motto is “try & test”. I’ve been a victim of the “low speed burning is better” gospel and learned not to trust theories that don’t have actual data to back it up.

That’s why the “media testing” section of this forum is such a great resource. Too bad that it’s difficult to grasp for most newbies because the learning curve to understand how to interpret and compare all these tests takes time and energy… Damn, I’m myself still wondering if I got the whole picture sometimes! :eek:

About the Verbs, I didn’t know that the 16X +R was as versatile as the -R in terms of burning speeds, that’s a good thing to know. :slight_smile: - have you tried @4X as well?

If these new 16X Verbatims compatibility with various burning speeds has been achieved on purpose by Mitsubishi Chemicals, I applause :clap: . Most standalone DVD recorders (the ones without HD) still write at low speeds, and not everyone wants to replace a perfectly working 8X (or even 4X) burner with a brand new 16X one… smart move MCC. :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t worry - you don’t. If you ever get to the point when you think you know everything about burning (or any other subject), then you’re deluding yourself! :bigsmile:

Not exactly, but the 4x burning part of 8x Z-CLV burning in my Matshita and NEC drives work fine, so I would assume that 4x burning would work just as fine on these drives (unless someone seriously f***ed up the write strategies).


"Don’t worry - you don’t. If you ever get to the point when you think you know everything about burning (or any other subject), then you’re deluding yourself! "

:bigsmile: LOL - We definitly agree on this one!

Though actually 'knowing everything" was not what I meant with “getting the whole picture”. Could be an incorrectly used formula (after all, I’m french…).


The speed bands or speed ramp of Zone-CLV and CAV/PCAV drives means that media MUST cover a certain speed band.

Starting at 6x, is common for 16x drives, so 16x media must be able to work as well at 6x as it does at 16x.
In fact, in Zone CLV, the speeds are often as simple as:

  1. 12x - do not make the final step-up to 16x
  2. 8x - do not make the (normally 2GB) step up to 12x
  3. 6x - do not make the (short) step up to 8x

8x media for 8x drives, would probably be starting at 4x in them, though at 6x in faster drives.


“means that media MUST cover a certain speed band.”

Yes, with ACCEPTABLE results. Doesn’t mean it’s good enough for the demanding user.

Wanted to update this thread with one of the most interesting links I found. This is pure gold.
Enjoy! :smiley:


Well 8x is all my drive can do I think anyway, but it’s great to know that I can do that!

Thanks alot! :slight_smile:


Does this mean that CD-R’s which are rated to burn 40x and above should not be burnt at 4x? And I’m wondering about Fuji DVD+R’s (MIJ) rated at 8x, but my burner (HL stock that came with my Dell) states that it can burn up to 12x. I burn them at 4x (just based on what was read on this forum), but if I should burn them at 8x to achieve better fidelity to the source, I would rather do so. The problem is, as you said in another post above, the learning curve is steep and alas, I was totally lost in the threads for media testing. Is there a media testing for dummies that says, “This is a good burn!”?