What are the right choices for TMPGEnc high quality AVI to MPG2?

I have some anime AVIs that I’d like to put on to DVD so they play on my home DVD player. I’ve read a bunch of stuff on using TMPGEnc, but I’m not sure I’m using the best options to get the highest quality MPG2 output.

The quality of the source is variable (some have minor color smear/ghosting artifacts). Let me use one example; I have an AVI that runs at -edited-14.985fps. Here’s how I have TMPGEnc set up:

Steam Type: System (Video+Audio) MPEG2
Size: 320x240
Aspect: 1:1
Frame rate: 14.985 (internally 29.97)
Rate control: Constant Quality
VBV buffer: 0 (automatic)
Profile & Level: MP@ML
Video format: NTSC
Encode: Non-interlace
YUV: 4:2:0 (I’d like to set this to 4:2:2 but don’t know how)
DC precision: 9 bits (wasn’t sure how much better 10 bits would be)
Motion Search: High Quality

Ghost Reduction, Noise Reduction, Custom Color Correction

GOP, Quantize, Audio, and System panels left at their defaults.

Using these settings as a test bed, I get some good looking output when viewing the MPG on WinDVD, but I have not yet tried to burn to DVD for TV playback. Thanks all in advance!

Your best results will be with 2-pass VBR.

Thanks rd. Is everything else okay? Any thoughts on DC Precision? And why the 4:2:2 option won’t show up? It says to use this format, you need to change Profile and Level. But to what? I tried to go from MP@ML to MP@LL, and still cannot get anything but 4:2:0.

I would not expect quality if your source is 320x240@14.985fps. Sounds like it is a VCD re-encode.

320x240 is not a DVD complaint resolution anyway, try 352x240 4:3 instead.

CCE will give you better results than TMPGenc as well and a lot easier to set up. Check out the Tutorial http://forum.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=61142

While its intended to put 1 AVI onto 1 DVDR, just change the CD size to 1/4 of whats stated to put 4 on a dvdr, etc.

Thanks everybody. I will be giving TMPGEnc a try, although the link you provided, ChickenMan, looks interesting. I found what looks like a good guide on dvdrhelp


I’ll see if I can get a DVD+RW with bit set to play on my machine. If that works I’ll be able to experiment a bit.