What are the "Orange Flowers on Black" I see so often in DVD titlesets?



Well, that’s pretty much my question. Couldn’t find any posts on the subject at Freaks, and only one other mention on the net at all, and it was a Q. like mine.



Oh, come on. They’re everywhere … like that jumping boy. Doesn’t anybody know what they are for?




These might be some of the “unreferenced material” that is used as a part of the new Sony / Columbia protection scheme (Sony’s ARccOS copy protection).

I know that the jumping boy is, and also the “running guy” is, too. I do not know if the flower is, for certain, but it is possible.

For more info on “ARccOS,” try this link:

Click here for info on Sony ARccOS



Could you identify this alleged flower in a line-up?



Oh, that’s rich! :bow:


I have only seen the flower once about year or so ago. It is just some kind of watermark and I haven’t a clue what for. I ended up taking it out.