What are the optimal conditions for keeping a cd/dvd for years?

is it in a normal cd box?
those kind of things?
or dvd cases
?? or it doesnt even matter as long as the disk keep clean and out of scratch??

First of all important is to use quality media and of course the place where to keep them.
Sure it’s good if you could keep them clean and without scratches. For the pics you’ve posted i personally like both examples.

Most important are low light and low humidity and temperature. These will do the most damage.

Chas, any thoughts on storing packs of silica-gel or other dessicant with CDs or DVDs to keep humidity down?

Also keep them out of night clubs. Uv lights do huge amounts of damage

Of night clubs?
Do you take your little round friends with you? :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a good re-usable sillica pack I used to see at Cabelas. Made for keeping moisture out of gun cases.

I can see no problems with this.