What are the most durable scratch resistent CD-R's? and DVD-R's?

I DJ and my CDs always get scratched but i have noticed some work better than others or don’t scratch as easy… does anyone happen to know the BEST most durable cd-r’s out there?

TDK Durabis/ScratchProof. :slight_smile:

Could try the Scratch-Less cd’s as well


They’re quite cool (Bumps on the underside) and they seem to work well.

TDK released “scratch proof” product. So I think it’s the most durable.

There is no such thing as a “scratch proof” disc. All they do is add a very hard coating to the underside of the disc.

I have tested TDK discs and they are very good, but they are only scratch resistant not scratch proof. Same goes for any disc that has uses the hard coating on the disc.

You are right about no disc being proof against scratches, but the name of the TDK scratch-resisting media is ScratchProof, so there’s absolutely nothing wrong in referring to these as ScratchProof discs! :wink:

Here’s the homepage: TDK Europe ScratchProof.

cool site, I will have to try the steel wool thing :slight_smile:

That’s a short little preview of TDK’s 2X DVD-R Armor Plated media. Armor Plated was the older name for TDK’s ScratchProof media.