What are the main benefits of DVD-RAM compared to DVD+/_RW?

I am using DVD+RWs in LG 4163B for my daily Files copying/Backups without any issues at all. However I do not see the immediate benefits of using “Single-sided” DVD-RAMs for the equal jobs, especially the DVD-RAMs are usually more expensive and can’nt be read in most non-LG DVD-Writers/ROMs. Could somebody fill in the gaps that I have missed, thank you. :doh:

Benefits of DVDRAM over DVD+RW/-RW

  • Can be written at least 100,000 times instead of just 1000
  • Can be formatted in Fat 32 so the disc is a seen as another hard drive
  • Uses Bulletproof reading and writing so data is verified as its written to make sure you dont lose anything important
  • More reliable than +RW/-RW

Im sure there are many more benefits but these are just a few im sure others can fill you in on them.

You don’t have to have a packet software.
Even if I am using it for +RW.

That figure of a 100.000 times is only for the cartridge type of DVD-RAM. For the open case type that LG uses, 1000 times is the official spec AFAIK. But it is still a lot better than RW. I have seen deterioration in scan quality with all RW media I tried after only a few write cycles.
I would not trust anything important to a DVD+/-RW, but with DVD-RAM I do.

I’ve only used my RAM discs maybe a couple dozen times, but have yet to have one cause trouble. They are probably as relaible as an optical disc can be, and maybe as reliable as a HD. I’ve stopped using RW discs completely except for the occasional temporary movie burn.

For packet writing, I’d use nothing else.

Sorry for a little off topic question, but writing on a RAM media don’t require a packet writing software? Is it sufficient drag files on disc to write on it?

WinXP will format FAT32 and allow dran-n-drop, but it’s reported to be slower than UDF. For UDF you need InCD or Panasonic drivers.

I have a panasonic DMR E-55 stand alone dvd recorder, when I burn tv programs on dvd-ram, will i be able to edit them with dvdshrink? Does it use vob files or something different?

Messages received “loud and clear”, thank you all! I haven’t scaned my DVD+RW discs yet but I have been using them for a few years and over 50 times without noticeable problems though! I was going to try the DVD-RAMs with my LG 4163 but being put off by its relatively higher cost, speed apparently not as fast as my RWs, and I can still able to use “drop & Insert” files properties in Explorer as HD despite of using RWs. However I would try using the DVD-RAMs as recommended.

P.s: Does writing in DVD+RWs using Nero’s InCD would self-verify as well as writing as DVD-RAMs?

Check out this thread, starting at post #8:

The Panny creates a file with “.VRO” extension that is really just a MPG file. You can re-name it to .MPG and use it in any authoring program.

thanks!!! :slight_smile:

Trying not to be off topic but what are the few best dvd-ram disks to use?

There’s really only one or two. Panasonic, Maxell.

Sorry Xterminator,
when you say that 100 000 times is just for the cartridge type, do you mean “the disc used inside the cartridge” or if you buy a carttridge disc and use it in the LG (so, outside the cartridge) you still can take profit of the extended recording capability?

The idea is that the cartridge protects the disc against dust, fingerprints and scratches. If you take it out, that does not apply. I do not think that you ‘lose’ 99.000 uses by taking the disc out of the cartridge, but nobody can tell how the disc is treated once it is out, so they cannot guarantee the high number.

Spend the money you save by disregarding DVD-RAM cartridges on air purifiers and dust absorbers. Just kidding. :slight_smile:

In addition to Hitachi’s Maxell and Matsushita’s Panasonic DVD-RAM media, there are Mitsubishi (up to 5x DVD-RAM as well), TDK, some more. There are also Ritek and Optodisc DVD-RAM media if you want cheaper ones (that I myself would never buy.)

TDK, Mitsubishi, BeAll (of Matsushita OEM), respectively, pictures from dvdnawa.com (of South Korea so don’t bother to order from them.)

Melody of Taiwan (and also of South Korea) sells DVD-RAM media probably Optodisc OEM, not sure about that.

Double-sided 9.4GB 3x of Melody brand… costs 14,000 Won whereas Mitsubishi single-sided 4.7GB 5x of Mitsubishi brand costs 9,000 Won, easy choice. :slight_smile:

Thanks Xterminator, that’s what I was thinking about it.
The discs I bought up to now are cartridge, the last being Panasonic 4.7GB 5x.
The prob is to get cartridge drives in Europe. For instance Panasonic says the market didn’t accept the format in a way they sell it in a different way, so they sell OEM (500 units minimum lot) and you have to look around quite a lot as many countries have Panasonic representatives for everything but PC drives.


strange i can’t edit me post, but the 5x Mitsubishi is made by Maxell. the 5x panasonic is made by Matsushita

Panasonic is just one of the brand names from the Matsushita group.

But there are discs of different manufactures under the same brand sometimes (even with different materials), so its important to know what is what, and more important if you have compatibilty problems (drive/disc) or critical purposes (either in terms of quality or disc life span).