What are the logical differences between a pressed CD and a CD-R?

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I’m no expert regarding CDs and CD-R, but I’d say with a pressed CD, you can do what you want (almost), with a CD-R, it’s different. On a CD-R, there’s something prerecorded to help the burner to perform correctly ; oh, well, I’ll let the experts speak, they’ll explain better than I’d do :wink:

Just have a look in this forum, there’s many valuable information…

Do you have a special idea in mind? If you tell more about it, one might tell you more precisely what you need to read :wink:

The following FAQ refers to DVDs mostly:

Pressed media vs. recordable media

“Hollywood” doesn’t burn media. “Real” discs are pressed metal, mechanically made media. The presses are precise. Burning is a sloppy method to recreate the process, using dyes that can have pits and grooves “burned” into the chemical, making an illusion of how a “real” disc would look and work. If you compare a pressed media and a burned media under a microscope, you can see that the pressed media is fairly precise, while the burns are fairly erratic, and it’s almost a miracle that burning works at all.

Thanks all for everything… Main intention is to know about CD-R specifications, about stuff like RID Code, ATIP, PMA, etc.

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