What are the latest TLA-no. for 712, 716, 755 and 760?

what are the latest TLA-no. for 712, 716, 755 and 760?

if i’m right, the first two no. are the hardware revision no.?
a higher hardware revision no. tells a better hardware revision, means the quality of cd and dvd burning ist better, am i right?

the highest hardware revision no. what i know are:

PX-712A V1.09 TLA:0109

PX-716A V1.11 TLA:0211

PX-755A V1.08 TLA:0008

PX-760A V1.07 TLA:0107

No, higher TLA doesn’t necessarily mean a better hardware revision. With the 716, TLA went up to 03xx. I have a couple of 0309 drives, I haven’t seen any higher than that.

at this report
they say…

…the first (TLA) version of PX-716A for usa, the burn quality was awfully bad…
therefore plextor europe don’t sold it in germany.

…after two revised editions of the hardware (TLA), the burn quality is much better as the first (TLA) version of PX-716A…

I think the 716 TLA 00xx was a special case. All of my 716 drives are 02xx or 03xx, can’t say that 03xx is necessarily better. I’ve also tested 755SA drives that were 00xx and 01xx, no difference in quality.