What are the first tests that I should do when I receive my 716AL tomorrow?

I already have Nero. I’m assuming I’ll be getting PlexTools with my AL. Please advise me on what are the first few tests I should be doing both with CD-R and DVD±RW.

Thank you in advance.

I was under the assumption that AL doesnt come with Pextools. You may need to buy it.

Please consult these posts (#58, 59 and 60 by G@M3FR3@K) http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?p=1094959#post1094959

I really want this drive too so let us know how you make out.

Your first test should be, to make sure the damn thing powers on…

Yea, that would be my first test… um for sure

You are absolutely right HAMP!! LOL :bigsmile:





Aug 24, 2005 7:34 PM

At dest sort facility


5:42 PM 

Departed FedEx location


11:12 AM 

In transit


12:35 AM 

Arrived at FedEx location


Aug 23, 2005 6:13 PM

Left origin


11:27 AM 

Package data transmitted to FedEx

8:32 AM 

Picked up


is this a joke? maybe try burning some stuff?

Heh! You’re in Honolulu too huh! :cool: Interesting that you bought the 716AL drive. It’s too rich for my blood so I’ll stick to my BENQ drives. Maybe if the 716AL drive was a bit cheaper I’d consider purchasing it. I haven’t read too many posts regarding that drive. I’ll be watching for your posts! :wink:

Any update yet? :wink:

I just installed it. I’m attempted to rip a DVD and it’s basically on the analysing stage. It’s taking forever, it’s only analysing at 1500KB/ps.

Make sure the drive is working in DMA-Mode and enable SpeedRead to get rid of any riplock/silent-playback built in.

How do you enable SpeedRead without PlexTools and if I download the trial of PlexTools XL and enable SpeedRead, if and when I uninstall the PlexTools will the SpeedRead be removed?

There is no trial version of PlexTools. If you didn’t get it with your drive you’ll need to buy it. SpeedRead can be enabled manually via the drive’s eject button (make sure the drive is empty and press and hold the button until the drive’s LED blinks, the release the button so the tray opens and you can insert a disc). SpeedRead can also be controlled via PlexTools. When you enable it in PlexTools the setting will be stored in the drive so you can then, if you wish to do so, remove PlexTools. But why would you want to remove PlexTools anyway? It’s really a must have for the PX-716A drive. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

Anyway: you were talking about “analysing stage” so I presume you are trying to copy a DVD using software like DVD Shrink? The analysing stage looks at the structure of the disc and this takes time and is not dependant on the read speed of your drive but rather your CPU speed and such. So, you will never see a high read performance in this stage. If you really and to test your drive it would be best to use a tool like Nero CD-DVD Speed and perform a Read Speed Test. Of course, PlexTools can also be used for that which even allows you to do a simulated Write Speed Test.

Well my 716AL did not come with PlexTools so what I did was downloaded the trial of PlexTools XL and enabled SpeedRead through that. But in fourteen days I will no longer have access to the PlexTools XL unless I purchase it for $50.00 which I don’t have at the time.

Thanks for the responses though, so far the drive is pretty good. It’s on my work bench so I am unable to do any bench marks right now. I will do so tomorrow though.

Oops, sorry you’re right, XL does have a trial period. I was referring to the PlexTools Professional version. It’s strange that your drive wasn’t shipped with PlexTools Pro though, where did you buy it? Do you have a retail version or OEM? I thought the PX-716x was sold worldwide with a copy of PlexTools Pro.

I bought it from zipzoomfly.com and it says it is indeed a retail burner. I did receive a CD with software on it just not with PlexTools. It has EZ CD Creator which in my honest opinion sucks.

Yeah I’ve never gotten a copy of Plextools with any retail Plextor drive I’ve gotten in the US. Always seem to get the shaft :doh:

Nocturnal: Thanks for the update. Please let us know how you make out with the benches and all. If all goes well I’ll probably order this drive next week :smiley:


Janko, I apologize about not posting the benches. Please e-mail me at nocturnal@REMOVEsupz.net. The thing is, this is my work unit and I don’t have a lot of time to rip/burn and also I don’t have good quality media here. I’m waiting until I get some TY to do some testing. Just give me an e-mail or contact me on AIM at RyanKMA and we can chat. Thanks.