What are the f***ing odds!

Okay, after my lovely experience with 3 spotty spindles of Fuji (TYGO2) DVD-R, I decide to give the Maxell special at Office Depot a shot ($5 for a pack of 15 DVD-R). My closest store is out of them but they tell me that another store that is about 3-4 miles away from them has about 40 packs of these things. So today I take about a 10 mile journey out to get in on this great deal. I bought 6 packs. 3 for me and 3 for my girl. Anyways, I get home and open up the first spindle, and I’ll be damned if the outer edge of the dye wasn’t spotted. It wasn’t nearly as bad as the Fujis, but it was still there. So I go down to the next disc and it is even fainter than the first but still there. I go down to the third disc and some arsehole’s grubby fingerprints are on the fooking disc. Keep in mind these are brand new factory sealed packs and I ALWAYS am careful to handle discs right from the very edge, to avoid getting fingerprints on them. This means that these discs came this way from the factory, storage, ect. Anyways, the discs turn out okay about half-way through the spindle and the two other packs I have opened so far seem to be mint. Unless I run into this with the other 3 I will probably just keep them since the wasted gas would more than negate a trip back out there to do an exchange. Either way, my days of buying store DVD Media are DONE. I can’t keep going from special to special, hoping that the media is MIJ and that the company hasn’t been shoddy with it’s handling practices. Thank heavens I ordered that 50 pack from rima. BTW I can’t remember the exact media code by they are 4x DVD-R Maxells and they are a Maxell dye (MXL02 or something). Either way, I keep getting burned by trying to buy media locally. I will try and get some pics up for you guys so you can see what I am talking about.

Okay, I got some pics of the screwy batch of Maxells. I realize it is going to be hard to point out the flaws but they are still noticeable if you know what you are looking for in the first pic you can see the spotting right around where the light reflection is on the bottom right-hand corner of the disc. Those spots around the light reflection ARE NOT a trick of the light or anything else, they are the spotting in the dye that I was talking about. Thankfully it is only right at the outer edge.

And here are a couple of pics of the finger prints on that disc.

This one doesn’t show up as good but it is right above the light reflection. So much for quality media. :rolleyes:


That really SUCKS!!!

And with Maxells-

Did they happen to have any 8x -R’s??


Nope, all of the ones I saw were 4x. Not that it really matters to me since I only have a 4x burner. Either way man, there is good reason for me to avoid these sales now and stick to rima and newegg for discs.

that sucks about your various B&M media buying experiences…i’d definitely be pissed too.

i must say though that i haven’t bought any media online and out of 20 or so spindles i’ve bought in the last 2-3 months (25pk, 50pk and 100pk) of Verbatim, Fuji and TDK mainly from Best Buy, i haven’t experienced any of the issues you have with spotting, fingerprints, etc.

hope you carry a rabbit’s foot around with you or something :stuck_out_tongue:

It gets worse, the discs that I thought were okay pretty much all had a few small spots around the outer edge of the dye upon closer inspection. Maybe I’m being paranoid but each time I check my online purchased discs, it just re-afirms my convictions. Every single one of my online discs (burned or not) has solid dye from the inner most part to the outermost part. Most of these discs would probably burn fine but what worries me is that the spotting would spread after several uses (it has a tendency to do this) and as mentioned above if the spotting gets bad enough then you run into permanent playback issues. Oh BTW, it gets better. While my girl and I went through each one of these 120 discs, we ended up turning up about 7 discs total between the 6 packs that had fingerprint smudges all over them. A couple of the discs had them right down near the center of the disc, so there was absolutely no question that these came that way from the factory. Fingerprint smudges are pretty easily removed. The thing that pisses me off about the fingerprints is that it is very indicative of a lack of quality standards in their handling of the discs. After tomorrow this will make a grand total of 225 discs that I have returned between 2 different labels and 8 different spindles. That is more than just a coincidence IMHO.

You know, it drives me insane. Lately, a lot of the CD-Rs and DVD+Rs I’ve been buying have been filthy. I bought a 100 pack of Sony CD-Rs about a month ago. Every goddamn disc had dust and particles of fluff all over the discs. It was absolutely ridiculous! And I had the same spotting problem with a pack of Fuji-brand TY DVD+Rs. They looked like they had little bubbles in the edges of the discs. I posted pictures of the discs on the board here.

I don’t know what these guys are doing, but they need to get their shit together.

Yep, and when they do, give me a call. I’m going back to ordering straight from the manufacturer. I still think it’s ironic that I can go over a year and never have a bad disc when I order Ritek or Taiyo Yuden’s own label from rima or newegg but as soon as I finally get in on a good in-store special I get nothing but crappy discs.

Sounds like someone picked them up off the floor on the way to the packaging line. Either that or someone tried them and was very, very good at resealing packages. :slight_smile:

Given all of the work it would’ve taken to re-seal them with the official Maxell plastic labels it would’ve cost more than the $5 per pack that they were on sale for. Anyways, the pics turned out better than I thought. I just wanted you guys to see the sort of quality I have had on 6 packs of the Maxell Specials and 3 spindles of 50 Fujifilms. Don’t be surprised if I beat the living piss out of someone the next time they tell me I can get a better deal at a certain in-store special. NO THANKS!!! I will pay the extra money to get quality discs each time.

Sure, enough. I got my Taiyo Yuden discs from rima today. I just checked through the first few discs and not a single spot/uneven edge OR FINGERPRINT from the very center to the very edge of the disc.


My experience exactly - nothing but excellent quality stuff from Rima (www.rima.com) - including my Prodisc 8x -R’s (F01)-

VERY happy with them-


Glad I could help ya out there. :wink:


And I am eternally grateful for that - and the heads up on Meritline - have you seen their feedbacks on www.resellerratings.com lately - totally appaling - and folks continue to buy from them - go figure…


Nope I haven’t. My convictions were proved correct last year. At the time I was only using Ritek G04 (since TY were more than twice the cost at the time) and the folks ordering G04 from meritline ended up complaining about screwy G04s but those of us ordering from rima.com or newegg.com didn’t have a single issue with the G04s. I don’t know if this was necessarily meritline’s fault but IMHO it does say something about the quality of thier products. Then again the only defective disc I have ever had from online ordering was one spotted dye G03 in a spindle that I ordered from allmediaoutlet, which as I understand is one of meritline’s sister companies. It was from that experience that I learned to be warry of not only the company but the results of spotted discs. That and as of late their deals aren’t really any better than rima or newegg.