What are the differences within TY’s products?



In 2 months I will be moving to South America and I will be taking with me a large amount of TY CDR’s.

So I was wandering if anyone could comment on the real live differences between the different TY CD’s.

Cyanine Dye and The silver

Finally if you know of a place in the USA where I can get the best price, let me know.


as far as i know, TY only uses cyanine dye. i’m not sure what u’re referring to when u say “The silver.”

bestbuy is usually a good place to get cheap TY (fuji branded) cds. last week they had 50 packs for $3 after rebate.


TY only makes one CDR, the only difference is the back coating.


thx , I supposed that from the descriptions I read in some websites , it is sot of a bit confusing.



Taiyo Yuden makes only two types of CD-R, after recently discontinuing their 24K Gold CD-R’s :frowning: .

The Taiyo Yudens have:

  • SILVER reflective layers, not gold.
  • a FROSTED TRANSLUCENT centre hub ring, not transparent.
  • either a LIGHT BLUE Super Cyanine DX dye layer (for High Speed Data CD-R) or a LIGHT BLUE standard Cyanine dye layer (for Audio CD-R)
  • PRESSED serial numbers on the centre ring, not printed.

When supplied in full sized jewel cases, Taiyo Yuden cases usually, but not always, have a WHITE disc tray. Recently, Taiyo Yuden have moved away from the original EASY OPENING cellphane wrap.

When supplied in a cake box, Taiyo Yuden cake boxes used to have a cream or black coloured SPIN-OFF NUT, but the newest cake boxes don’t have this feature, but still have a DIFFERENT SHAPE to the cake boxes other manufacturers use.

Taiyo Yuden sells their CD’s with many different top labels. The That’s CD-R Gold Label has a branded gold coloured label with branding witten in silver. There are also while and silver unbranded versions and a multicoloured version.

Hope that helps!



The studio I do some work for has been buying TY’s from http://nationalaudiocompany.com for some time now. They come in cakeboxes of 100 without any branding on them whatsoever.

We have also gotten them with white printable surfaces on them also.

Getting them this way saves us the worry of having to search through stores looking for TY’s branded as Sony etc.