What are the differences between the the bulk and retail version of Plextor 716A?

Is there any difference, like different firmware or stuff like this?


packaging, thats all

and price

Usually “Bulk” version comes without software, and sometimes without mounting hardware. Ask your dealer if you have any questions about what’s missing in the bulk package.

I got the bulk version. In my case there was only the drive in a bubble bag (don’t know the proper english word for these cases with many air bubbles, but I don’t even know the german word for it :bigsmile: ).
In the retail version you will get the drive, a CD with PlexTools and an IDE cable (or S-ATA or USB, depends which Version you buy [A, SA, SU]) packed in a nice box. edit: And screws for mounting the drive are also in the retail version.

You were very close, maststef. The proper term is bubble wrap.

The faceplate design is the same? Does the bulk version comes with 2 faceplates (black and white), like the retail version?

If you buy the bulk version you only get one color. But I only saw bulks with white color. I don’t know if they sell it with black front panel as bulk.