What are the differences between 108 and 109?



Many people says 108 is better than 109. Is that true? I want to know the differences.
Now I use the 109 but why the text( PI/PIF text especially ) is worse than other burners? Some people says pioneer is not suitable for texting, is that true? I want to know the real reason.

thank you for your reply.


Why dont u look in threads, this has been asked a 1000x and was same as diff between 108 and 108 then 109 and a09 :-(.

Even better pioneers site is good start.


I want to buy another burner. I feel pioneer is not a good chosen.So would you please give me some suggestion? How about PLEXTOR or NEC?


Lemme post the LINK for you.


much thanks for Toink:)


Another question: Is there any testing of 109 including Pi/PO text, reading speed text,compatibility text??


It’s CDFreaks after all.