What are the correct settings for CloneCd to

create a working backup from an original Playstation 2 Cd?
i ve chipped the ps2 but i dont know what r the correct settings for ccd to backup
my original ps2 cds

thanx in advance

try read subchannel from audio and data on…
and dont repair when writing …
that are the options with playstation 1 cd’s
i dunno if it will work with playstation 2 cd’s
but you always can try this…
otherwise put all options on when reading and only check don’t repair subchannel data when burning if you make your backup.
good luck and people please say so when i’m wrong cause i don’t own a playstation…

I thought playstation 2 games was DVD-discs…then there is no way that I could think of to copy them.

Some PS2 titles are on CD. No retail DVD writer (at the moment - Jan 02) can backup protected DVD titles - period.

Read: data sub (sometimes FES is needed to overcome the error sectors)…audio is just not required :slight_smile:
Write: “Don’t repair…”, close, buffer box

that’s all!