What are the consequences of writing errors?



During recording my new drive had a hard time but it managed to complete burning. Take a look at my scan. I’m not asking why this happened. I’m asking what can be the consequences of these errors? I mean I tried to copy this data back to HDD and it seems OK. Do I have to burn this data again just in case? Will this disc become unreadable with time? Will it be read in other drives?


Hi and Welcome!

This poor disc will cause reading difficulties and might not be re-readable in short time. I’d suggest to do a transfer rate test in Nerö CD/DVD Speed. Any slowdown is an indicator for trouble.

You should really have a backup disc.



Transfer rate test. Very good.


That’s my second attempt + next one. Seems like the drive is good. I should start using better discs :slight_smile:


MCC 03RG20 is good stuff assuming they are genuine Verbatims.
Any other brand with the same MID is something I’d consider as fake.



This one, hehe. Thanks for help!


Looks like some really low quality media.