What are the changes I can get my 80*80 avatar back?

Well everybody knows about my “great” thread and that I removed my avatar because of that.

As it seems, no-one (at least the minority) understood what I was trying to adress.

But what do you think, can I get my 80*80 avatar back?

I divided the options into admin/management and other members, because only the admins/management votes really counts (they decide right, not the community :wink: ).

I reckon you should politely take it up with the correct authority. In a PM that is :wink: You should just explain why you want it back, and give some (good) reasons for it. I haven’t got much to say, as I’ve been basically steering clear of this (hot) topic.


I think there’s enough said about this issue. I’m going to close this topic. Since you’ve deleted your avatar yourself I’m afraid you also have to take the consequences of that action.