What Are The Best Things In Life



You know the old Beatles line, …the best things in life are free…

I heard it on the radio today and it got me thinking, yeah, well, what are the best things in life? Are they Health, Wealth and Happiness, the things you get wished on your 18th or 21st, or is it something else.

Yep, good health is a massive bonus, but, and here’s the soppy bit. I’d put my family before anything/anyone else.

As my first daughter was born, the midwife whispered to me that when you have a child, for most fathers, that is the time they realise that they will happily give their life for their child. :sad:

Well, to me it’s true. I have two daughters and I’d give my last breath for them. Not forgetting my gorgeous wife though!

Bit of a serious start to a thread I know, so after family and health, to me, money and material things come a very poor third.

So, what do you think the best things in life are?


Health, family and friends (all have the same importance) are the best things in life.

Money are not good. Are [U]necessary[/U] (too bad), but are not good.


The best things in life are those things that you cannot live without after they are gone.


The best things in life, are the things that all the other buttholes keep trying to take away from you. :slight_smile:


impotence… oh wait no it not… kittens


Nice touch, reason therefore to love them more when they are with you ?


True. I’d like to add my PC and my kitty cat to that. :bigsmile:

LOL @ Harley!


Yeah, too bad you don’t usually love them when they’re with you.


I realise that this isn’t the place for a chat, but do you remember the song, The Living Years by Mike Rutherford.

Basically he signs about how it’s too late to tell someone (his father) that he loves him, before he dies. Really sad but effective. My brother and father had fallen out and not spoken for some time. I told my brother to listen to the song then tell me what he thought. He did, and rang me from our dad’s.

Now, if I have an argument with a family member (rarely as it is), I think of that song and ‘make up’ as soon as possible!

I’d recommend anyone who has seriously fallen out with their parents to listen to that song :sad:


Sex, beer & cars.
All three simultaneously is Xanadu :wink:


Not knowing what it´s really about
But having the chance to find out
(Been trying to do that since 1959)


Well, I have to go with my wife, two kids and our overall health.

However, my evil twin “Skippy” would have no trouble hollering out a resounding, “Sex , Drugs and Rock & Roll”…order subject to change, of course… :bigsmile:


I’d have to say my mom would be the first on my list…
followed by my friends…

everything else is just possessions…and those can be taken away,urgraded , or tear up…


being sucked while you gently wake up…


This thread has now earned an R rating.
/end warning


nah i’m sure he meant these little sweethearts…:wink:


family, friends, and health (all of which I am blessed with tremendously)


At one time or another I have given up all those things that important for my own selfish reasons. After losing family friends and health, I appreciate them more than I ever did. I think I am blessed with what has been given back to me!