What are the best settings of wopc/os/sb for the best burn quality

I don’t care about speed as long as it’s above 4x so what do those settings mean and what combination results in the best burns? I did some search on the forums but after 20 min I gave up. :slight_smile:

I have 1640 and Promedia 5 disks. (16x)

Thank you very much for any and all help.

SB = SolidBurn = performs additional power calibration in the lead-in/lead-out area of the disc prior to the burn to fine-tune the laser power margin

OS = OverSpeed = Allows to overspeed media to higher speeds than those stored in FW … whether this is on or off doesn’t matter if you burn at the media’s rated speed only (e.g. MCC003 @ 8x)

WOPC = Walking Optimum Power Calibration = performs error checks during the burn process from time to time (can be seen in the write transfer rate graphs) to check for burn quality … WOPC will speed down the drive if errors get too high and will possibly adjust laser power output, too

All settings can be controlled via BenQ Q-Suite software.

My recommendations are:

SB: On
OS: Off

Note that some people claim that WOPC might cause PIF spikes at the recalibration points.

SB can retrieve false results if the media (especially low-quality media) shows high quality deviation in the test areas at start and end … if SB is then falsely calibrated, the media might be written with a false laser power that could result in out-of-spec jitter values. Actually, SB can work against WOPC sometimes.

Some 8x media actually writes better at 12x so OS might be an option … but this can only be determined from case to case.

that you for the great explenation.

Do you know what settings are best for PROMEDIA 5 (fuji) DVD+R disks and BSLB firmware?

Almost all 16X media will burn best at 12X.

So will 8X be better then 12x or is 12x the sweet spot for the 16x media in terms of quality?

at this time 12x is generally considered to be the sweet spot for 16x media indeed :slight_smile:

WOPC gives me bad blocks on Ritek G04 discs and usually a coaster on Maxell002. PIF errors are substantially higher on TYG02 as well. I usually turn it off on my 1620 and 1640.

“Promedia 5”? Uhh… what?

if this is true then whats the sweet spot for media that is rated 8x?


If it is the good stuff (Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim) then 8x is a good speed-eh!

And so would 12X-ehhh!

For me leaving the default Settings will give the best results for 99% of all Media I’ve used on my BenQ-1650 with Firmware BCDC (meaning WOPC=ON / OS=OFF / SB=OFF for known & SB=ON for unknown Media).
In case of burning-speed my results are mixed.
E.g. using Sony 16x DVD-R (MID=SONY16D1) i got much better results when burning them on 16x then burning on 12x Speed (using obove Settings = SB=OFF).
Other Media like Verbatim 16x DVD+R Media (MCC 004) will always give better results when burning on 12x Speed no matter where they’ve been manufactured.

I think the best is doing a Quality-Scan right after burning, as there are still variable Results depending on different Drives and Firmwares.

I would recommend WOPC off…

The first attachment is with WOPC on…and the second one is WOPC off

You can see the difference…