What are the best DVD's to use

I am currently using Smartbuy 4.7GB 8X DVD-r and the copied DVD’s keep freezing part way through the movies. It’s happened on all of the copies I made with these discs. Are the DVD+R better or should I just stay awar from Smartbuy discs?

When I burn with Hypermedia DVD-R 4.7GB the movies copy fine.

Can you tell me what brands of discs work better then others. I heard to stay away from Memorex.

Don’t use Smartbuy.


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From the media you are using i would say that this is where your freezing problem is coming from. I would stay away from smartbuy all together as well as hyper media. And definitely stay away from memorex. Try using verbatim +r or Taiyo Yuden. IMO these are the two best.
If you go with cheap media you tend to get more bad burns and the sucessful burns that you get usually start degrading after a short period of time. So its better just to buy the good stuff from the start (I have lost of lot of important data due to junk media).

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Ricoh+R 1-8x :wink:

We have to see what becomes of this.

This quote was taken from the Afterdawn Forums.

Ricoh announces new MIJ 8x DVD+R DL media
Posted by Dan Bell on 04 June 2006 - 18:17 - Source: Ricoh

koba used our news submit to tell us “Ricoh on the 1st of June announced new 8x DVD+R DL Discs. These will be MIJ which makes Ricoh the first major producer to do so. Hope these disc will be better than the older Taiwan made Ricohs. If these should be of a high quality and be on par with the Verbatims, this would be great news, since then we would get new options besides the Verbatim and hopefully drive the price of good DL media down.”

Sorry Japanese only, but here is a translation:

Rich announces a new lineup of 8x DVD+R DL which are made in Japan with a newly developed dye. These will become available from June 27th. They estimate to sell about 100000 units a month.

Characteristic’s of the Discs: Full face printable. Printable area is: inner radius is 18mm and outer is 119mm New label for better picture quality when printing. New dye for 8x writing called Advanced SD Dye zeta+ (zeta plus, the official nake uses the greek letter for zeta) Produced using newly modified inverted stack method.

Produced at Ricoh Atsugi plant in JapanRicoh at the same time announces new 8cm DVD-R/-RW discs.

This is good news indeed. Especially interesting to those of us that have inexpensive direct disc printers. Koba says it all, with the hope of good quality and the possibility of further price reductions, through increased supply and competition. Already, dual layer media is becoming more attractive for archiving.

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