What are the best dvd-rs?

hi… me again…now that my dvd rw is working properly now… PIO back to DMA (whoopie)… what are the best dvd-r,s to buy…??? I bought sony,s, and sometimes they work on my home dvd and sometimes they dont… my dvd rw is tsst corp… samsung, apparantly its supposed to be a good un… my home dvd is samsung too… had it a few years like… but its really hit and miss as to what it will play… just thought to ask If one type of dvd was more consistent than the other… I bought a shed load of BULKPAQ, and they wont play on my home dvd… but they play on the kids one… but they jump a lot… playstation plays them but makes a lot of noise in protest… I have mr dvd,s that seem ok… but the name is a tad tacky!!!.. what are everyone elses experiences with blank dvd,s… x8…and also, can labels matter as to whether the dvd will play, because I burned a film, tried it on ps2 without a label… it worked fine… then I put a nice label on it, and it says “cannot read disc”… is it the way I burn them… which nero format is best… recode 2, or straight copy using nero express!!!


Aren’t Samsung standalones a bit picky?

Taiyo Yuden media is excellent, bought online as unbranded TY, or under the Plextor or Verbatim brands. :slight_smile:

Try not to use Bulkpaq, it’s not too good…hope you don’t have too many left! And labelling isn’t something I’d recommend…had too many CDRs go south back in the day, because they had labels :wink:

Hi Thanks for that…can I ask a really stooopid question? ok i,ll go ahead… how do you print, on a printable disc…inkjet?.. that one has me puzzled a long time… …

yep is that the term for home dvd, standalone… mine was expensive too considering that you can buy them for a bout £20 or £30 …

With an inkjet printer which supports printing on discs like canon or epson for example.

Not a stupid question! I think you can print directly onto the printable ones, if you have a printer that prints onto disc (Epson make quite a few, some people on here have them). :slight_smile:

Edit: Rapid Fire beat me to it! :bigsmile:

LOL, mine was expensive too - about two years old now, £70 from Asda :eek:. It’s a Philips, and it’ll play any media I chuck at it. :slight_smile:

Can’t agree on that. I have two old Samsung standalones (oldest one is * S323) and they play everything I throw at them.
He*l, even a overburned DVD+R with POF’s >1k…no probz. :wink:

mine was from curry,s… £120 about 4 years ago, and wont play sod all… my printer is hp… so i doubt if it will print discs…

I have all this technology, and I dunno how any of it works…!lol


£120…you beat mine hands down :bigsmile:

Yeah, the printer should say if it prints onto the discs or not…I think to print onto disc, a new printer may be in order (for you and me both, my Epson won’t do it either!).

the only dvds my samsung s224… play are dvd-r… not rw dvd+r… plays vcd…

lol… but if I put lables on my dvd wont play em… so back to square one again…

Well, at least you know what it plays already, that’s something!

Oh, I forgot…since I’m guessing you’re in the UK (by your use of the £), Verbatim discs from PC World or Curry’s are a good bet, too. -R, as you’ve stated :wink:

As for labelling…I just use one of those CDR pens - doesn’t look as good, but at least you can use the discs afterwards :bigsmile:

Since when do printers speak… :bigsmile:

Any Epson Stylus Photo R* series printer supports printing on discs. My two years old R200 is still going strong with more than 400 disc prints.
Ink refills are expensive though.

thanks for that… will try the verbatim… someone sent me some of them and they worked…its just they sell loads of different ones, you dunno where to start, especially the first dvd-r,s i bought were sony… and half worked and half didn’t… well verbatim it is then…

ps… anyone wanna buy 49 bulkpaq dvd-r,s…lolonly joking… bet there ok for data. and photos, stuff like that…

once again this message board has been able to answer all my questions, whether they be technical or not…



Just make sure you back up those Bulkpaq discs to the Verbs, if you get them…always good to have a backup of important stuff like photos anyway. I keep two backups, plus my originals! :slight_smile: