What are the BEST DVD+R's to Use?

I read a thread about a week or so ago where someone had recommeded the BEST brand of DVD+R’s to use, they were manufacturered by a Japanese Outfit, but now I can’t seem to find that thread again. Can anyone PLEASE give me some recommendations??
I use both DVD+R’s and DVD+R’s Dual Layer and I am looking to reduce the amount of “failed disks” I am getting, which right now is about 25% (roughly). I use CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD, both current versions. Most of the time I get great copies, but there are times that I get those that skip, freeze or just don’t play. I have read a lot of the threads posted all over this site and I have gained a lot of knowledge concerning copying DVD’s. I think a lot of my problem is the DVD’s I buy, the fact that I try to save money and buy what is on sale. Now, I realize that is probably where 95% of my problem lies, but now in order to get a quality DVD blank, I have to know what to look for.
Any help woule be greatly apprecaited, thanks…Martnus

This thread has various info on media and should help you on finding the best.

Media Thread Click Here

Many Thanks Dr. Who.

Just curious, what are your favorite brands of DVD’s?? Where do you buy??

Verbatim’s @ Best Buy they are 14.99 plus tax for a 50 pack right now. This is Plus or minus format.

Hi, I don’t presume to speak for Dr. Who, but you’ll find Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim the overall favorites for blank media here on cdf. Keep an eye on CD Freaks Bargain Basement thread for deals and feedback.

As far as where to buy…depends on where you live…shipping costs, access to local retailers, etc., etc. Rima and newegg are great net retailers…I also have had good luck with supermediastore and meritline…but you have to be careful…some folks have been “surprised”…!

Hope this helps.

u r a bastion of info

I agree with you Taiyu Yuden are among the best
nearly 0% fail rate for me
Check doc’s bargain link for good start


Search the threads in this forum related to your specific burner (including the firmware version) to find the scans made with various media. Doing this you will have a good clue of what media to use.

hey everyone. I have been burning dvd’s and during playback they all seem to pause throughout the whole movie althouth I have not made it through the whole movie because of fustration. My question is do you think it is the media I am using or something else?

media-memorex dvd-r(16x,4.7gb,120min)
program-anydvd(updated 7/17) and nero recode 6
burner- Sony DRU-800a

oh yeah do you think it could be the burner as this is my second one as I had to send the first one back because it stop burning completly. I must admit that on certain dvd players it does play w/o pausing but on that dvd player it does not give me all the options(all episodes Sopranos) pretty new to this all suggestions welcomed

cdlate, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

The most common reason for getting the problems you describe is: poor or incompatible media.

Memorex don’t manufacture their own media and they re-brand media from many different manufacturers of varying quality.

I suggest you try some quality media like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden and see if that helps before looking into other explanations such as a bad burner or other problem.

I like Taiyo Yuden and I buy them from www.rima.com. Verbatim is my second choice.

I like the sony brand-stay away from maxell, memorex, and imation-these get more crc errors than anybrand I’ve tried, sony on the otherhand are good quality…

I love the verbatim dual layers they work most excellent…


Taiyo Yuden 8x +R T02’s from www.rima.com

Excellent burns in everything IMO-eh!

I agree with Mike and add Verbatim MCC 004 16X +R media, made by CMC and burned at 12X.

Yo chas0039-


However my LiteOn burned the MCC04’s best at 8x here:


Think that the T02’s are slightly better IMO-


Here are a few more scans of the MCC04 - this time burned on my LG 4167 at 12x and 8x - again the 8x appears to be the better scan with lower PIE and PIF’s-eh!



And here are my scans on the BenQ 1640 cross flashed to EW164B - and here the 12x is better - so it seems like the results are burner dependent-eh!


Solely depends on your DVD writer, its “Firmware” and your own experiences with +R media.