What are the best DVD+R

I copy lots of movies and I have been using Infinity Pro DVD+R discs and I have had no problems whatsoever. I’m considering buying a spindle of Ritek discs. Can anyone tell me what the best brands are.

I have learnt that +R discs are more reliable that -R. But I just don’t know which make to go with. Infinity discs are around £40 from the Ebuyer site. There has to be cheaper, but still reliable, discs out there somewhere.

Thanks to all the guys that read this thread and even more thanks to those that reply.


Best results I’ve had so far are with Fuji (Ricoh) DVD+R burned at 2.4x, but this will depend on your drive.

My best results is from Taiyo Yuden (Brands: plextor, verbatim that states made in Japan and that’s DVD+R)

Second comes RICOH, but quality is varying VERY MUCH from brand to brand (Brand examples: TDK, memorex, ritek, arita, fujifilm, and many more).

Third comes Mitsubishi (Most verbatim discs).

My writers:
LG GSA-4040B
Memorex dual-x (pioneer DVR-106)
Plextor PX-708A

Ritek and Ricoh Traxdata Arita appear coaster free in both + and - The best place to buy anything DVD/CD in the UK is SVP
Excellent customer service. They ofton have 99pence postage weekends -like this weekend