What are the best DVD-media to use in a Plextor 712?

I recently bought a Plextor 712 ( NOT serial ata ) and I got the advice
to use Tay -Yuedn ( Is this corrcetly spelled ??) quality DVD discs to perform a GOOD writing. Can anyone recommend me a brand of DVD disc that contains the Tay-Yuedn quality , and in the mean time tell me what brands I definitly will NOT want to use in the 712 ?


It’s Taiyo Yuden - and yes they are very good media-

Good prices and vendor for “A” grade Taiyo Yuden = www.rima.com

Stay away from Princo; Imation; Memorex

Happy Burnin’


For what it’s worth, I’m using Fuji8x (ProdiscF01) and have had zero problems.

Using DVD Decrypter to rip and DVD Shrink to burn

Memorex - PRODISC R03 @ 12x
Works for me.

I have had no problems with verbatims ( MCC 002, MCC 003) or 8X TY02 injet printables. even Arita 4X ( ricoh) which my 708a would only burn reliably at 4X will burn flawlessly at 8X on the 712A. I am thinking that the next time I order DVD+R injet printables from Rima I am going to try the 8X Prodisc DVD+R’s they are only half the price of the TY02’s


I sure had some serious issues with Prodisc 8x +R’s in both of my 3500’s - but none with Prodisc 8x -R’s - wonder why??